Addressing the Comments on Crimes Against Women

Trigger Warning – Rape, Sexual and other Crimes Against Women Context In the city of Kochi, Kerala, a couple was living together. The man, Martin

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The Act of Disappearing

I was sixWhen Dad took me to see the circusAnd I stood transfixed Before the magician,As the rabbit, the bouquetAnd a young lady,Vanished with a

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April A2Z

When is a monster not a monster?

When is a monster not a monster? After the sun rises and the blood clotsWhen the bruises turn purple from maroon,When he cradles her in

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Gokarna; A Potpourri of Beaches, Temples, Caves, Forests and Fort

Gokarna is a potpourri of temples with its very traditional South Indian temple-town vibe on the one side, and the completely opposite, hippie, beach vibe on the other. You need to be there to see how the town holds all of it together so gracefully! I’ll not lie to you. This blogpost is going to be long, but it is the perfect guide to Gokarna. In addition to this, you can watch my video wherein I have tried to capture the soul of Gokarna for you all.

Self Improvement

The Key to Building Habits

Starting a new habit or lifestyle, sticking to it for a few days, then slacking and finally giving up is a familiar experience for all of us. I remember not deciding on New Year Resolutions for a couple of years because I wasn’t going to stick to them anyway. But the thing about wanting to improve in life is that our belief systems keep changing. So did mine! I still haven’t formed a routine. But I have made progress. This post is for those like me, who find it extremely difficult to form habits and give up thinking you haven’t made/can’t make any progress.

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