Hostel – A paradise.

The word hostel reminds me of a few faces at the very beginning. The first few faces I came across in my room- All different in looks, character, culture, age & of course the courses taken. A mixture of extremities blended to form a delicacy 🙂 Yeah! Exactly what I’d like to call them.
Our room was the noisiest, funniest, crankiest, craziest, superest & awesomest!! Any objections???
There wouldn’t be any because (Firstly, there aren’t many who will be reading this :P) It’s simply the truth. We were known to get scoldings almost everyday! What I enjoyed the most was the discussions that came out of nowhere! It would be the most dumb topic which none could ever think of & the discussion would go on for hours together turning into a debate & finally into a noise pollution.
In rooms, the racks were a sight to see. Like ‘someone’ said- A pigsty. And what did we call the clothes beneath the cot? Ahh… Cleaning the room. When clothes were stuffed in buckets and hidden behind bathroom doors, we called it, ‘Trying to get the cleanest room award’. As it’s well said, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ , there definitely is a beauty to see the slippers strewn about, books & clothes overflowing from every possible place & the cots having place for everything except people. Not for long. Our concept of beauty gets shattered by the time we hear that some teachers are on rounds. And the room turns out to be boringly clean!
Teachers on rounds meant havoc! In the midst of a variety of activities – heated discussion on some unspeakable topic, trying out a stylish hairdo, decorating the room by sticking picture, a friend from another room – a single line ‘Ma’am is on rounds’ does the magic. The discussions come to an abrupt halt, the hairdo was never there, and people just jump and grab a book and sit as though they are deep inside them. As far as our alien friend from the next room is concerned, she grabs a blanket and buries herself on someone’s cot. She becomes the roommate (who isn’t actually in the room, for the studious ones are always out to study), who is unwell, having severe headache & been sleeping from so long. The intensity of the illness is directly proportional to the strictness of the teacher. It can vary from mild headache to sinus , migraine and many more.
You must hear about our illegal parties. It isn’t anything much. The fact that we aren’t supposed to have parties (I know it sounds ridiculous, but it makes it all the more thrilling) makes it illegal. And we have the, ‘Mission Parties’. We have this wide variety of eatables made  by combining our limited variety of food supplies. 😉 Since the parties are at night and we are not allowed to put on the lights after 10.30pm, we cover the windows with thick blankets, the ventilators with layers of papers & the gaps around the doors with papers again. Our decorations are even more weird & differs from room to room. We then put on the lights, cover them with color papers & give the slight mellow effect & we have the show! No questions about the next day in class. I – get to doze!
Being a ‘commercialite’, I must say I enjoyed the publicity!
According to the teachers, only B.coms were capable of breaking rules. We were known to be notorious & we lived up to the name :D. Noise was our specialty 😛
Life in a hostel cannot be put into a page. It is another experience too beautiful. Always having friends to sort out problems, share your happiness and sorrows, fight like cats and dogs, smile together during good & cry with you during bad, make you crazy & make crazy things crazier. Friends influencing your life from dawn to the moment your eyes close.
My hostel was my paradise. A dream so beautiful. A memory that will always be etched in my heart. The most wonderful three years of my life. 🙂

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  1. myheartbeats4ublog

    hahha.. nice post and liked the term ‘commercialite’..cheers

    1. Ranjini

      Thank youuuuu ^_^ We used to call ourselves that & for a while I thought it was a real word until I asked google 😛

      1. myheartbeats4ublog

        hahaha….google, my friend too

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