Lord, Love, Poetry

The words of the LORD…

God wants to talk to you.


I came down just for you.

I’m on your guard through & through.

You cry at the agony of being born.

Seeing ur anguish my heart is torn.

I rush to you to caress you.

At once you smile , a smile so true

Each time your gaze falls on me

You seem to be in blissful glee

Your first word uttered with love, ‘ MOTHER !’

Makes me feel you love me alone ,none other…

But alas child! You seem to change,

Your  mind and your tastes become strange

As you grow , the world is what you fancy

But what caused the world ? you blindly don’t see.

As your father I come in disguise,

But you find none other than yourself wise.

Your mind  travels far  and wide,

And  everytime away from me you hide.

The hands in the clock keep turning

The fire in you keeps burning

You find happiness in hanging around with your age

I   immediately respond &  come down to your stage

‘Dear Friend !’ You call me & with me you stay

The moment I show you the right path, you simply walk away.

As the tricky time flows by,

Your mind seems to fly high.

The moment I know what u seek for

I come to you at your door

Many a times I try approaching you

Everytime you’re obsessed with something new.

Your calculations never seem to go wrong.

You turn your head away from me all along.

The oil in the lamp within you,

Begins to reduce through & through.

And that’s when child you panic here

You realize that you have reached nowhere

You understand that you’ve missed something

along the tracks…

And that’s when you take a look back.

You recall your very first days

And see your mother’s charming ways.

You find your father’s protective hands

And your friend’s reassuring glance

And then child you look at me

My same glow in them you see

Regretful tears fill your eyes

My love is what you didn’t realize

My legs are numb… my hands ache…

My love keeps flowing & my heart breaks…

Waiting for you here I stand

unnoticed, for you to hold my outstretched hand.

Waiting for you to realize the ceaseless flow

Of boundless love that on you I bestow.