Even CA could be funny at times-I

CA or Chartered Accountancy often misunderstood as Computer Application was alien to me even when I had completed my high school. At some point of time in college I happened to hear about it and the idea of anybody, I repeat, ANYBODY going for the course, was revolting!
I was just giving it a try when I chose Sanskrit as my 3rd language in my third-grade. (You may think that I am using this opportunity to boast that I was a Sanskrit topper at school. Hehe, well you are not wrong   :P). It was another try when I opted for commerce group in my eleventh-grade. And so after college when I was torn between MBA and CA, I gave another try – this time, a daring one – and took up CA.
Believe me; it took around one year just to get an idea about what I was venturing into. I knew it wasn’t something simple. Most of it I could handle, and what I couldn’t was, the questions thrown at me by those, not familiar with the course.
Few phone calls from my friends, ‘What are you doing?’
My unchanging reply: ‘Studying’
‘You free next weekend?’
My standard reply: ‘Got classes’ or ‘Got to study’
A friend’s engagement and I come directly to the hall, from class, on a Sunday, with heavy books. (They would have been glad to throw my books away I know.) And, I was named a near-nerd!!! First time in my life!!!  But the whole point is they neither know how lengthy and tough our syllabus is nor do they know how ugly our question papers are.
(Suppressing a smile) My school friends would know that I was just an average student during my schooldays and my close friends would know how deranged I am, the freaking crazy types. My college mates still can’t think of CA and me together :D. Even I know, it doesn’t suit the person I am. But eventually I am here.
My friends always say that I never let go of a chance to make fun of anything that comes my way. Though it is out of ignorance on their part, I could never get over the umpteen number of questions that were thrown to me regarding CA.
I have made a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Frequently Faced Situations (FFS) by a CA student. I dedicate this and the next post to all those pursuing CA, my friends who were fed up of my bookaholic (Don’t look up in a dictionary. It’s my invention. Hee! :D) behavior last year during my exams and to those who like humor and believe there is some in these posts. Continued with FAQs and FFS. 😛
To be contd…

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