Madhura Bhakti – The story of the divine love.

Dheera sameere…    Yamuna theere…
Vasathi Vaney Vanamaali…
(Near the serene waters of Yamuna lived the Vanamaali)

He was the life breath of Gopis in Brindavan… The one with the peacock feather… The lotus eyed cowherd boy…
It was time  to leave for Mathura. He bids farewell to Yashoda and all others. He then proceeds to meet Radha. It was only Krishna who knew how pure her love for him was.  He kept thinking as to how to face her tears and how on earth to console and comfort her. As he was walking towards the Yamuna river where Radha would be, he could see her still form waiting for him.
As he approached her, he was perplexed to see her receive him with glowing smiles. She tells him, “Krishna, why do you look so sad and depressed? Are you scared of what would happen to me if you leave? For even if you leave me physically, can you ever leave my thoughts? You can’t leave me coz you’re already trapped in the cage of my loving heart.” Hearing this Krishna stands dumbfounded.
Recovering from the unexpected behavior, he bids goodbye. He walks a few steps ahead and turns back only to see his Radha literally rolling in the banks of Yamuna and crying aloud unable to bear the departure of her very life breath. Though she spoke with an intention to console him, the moment she found the dark, curly haired form leaving her, her suppressed emotions couldn’t find place in her soft heart and thus she broke down.
Seeing this Krishna rushes to her and holds her by her hands and the serene waters come from the divine eyes in the form of tears silently saying that He can’t bear to see her cry. Krishna holding her hands, but unable to console her, only looks into her eyes filled with his form. Radha then asks him, “I neither need your proximity nor your exclusive attention. But a boon to die on your lap”. For which Krishna promises, “Wherever I am, however I am I’ll surely be present by your side at the time of your death”
Assuring thus he rushes back to the place where the chariot stood with a fear to even look back at his beloved for he knew for sure, what she’d be doing…
This sight has melted the hardest of rock and hills that were present…
Years passed, Radha was married to someone whom she never even thought about, she was perpetually tortured by her in laws who misunderstood her relationship with the divine. She never paid heed to their abuses coz her mind, heart and soul were filled with Krishna and there was no room to accommodate the thoughts of others. She smiled, laughed, cried, spoke or even lived and breathed for Krishna. And thus time flew…
Those shining eyes, rosy complexion and our most charming Radha was no more the same. Her eyes grew dull, hair turned grey yet; her heart still twinkled with the memories of her dear most cowherd boy Krishna. It was time for her to leave the world.
She sees partially all her relatives around her deathbed and requests them to leave her alone on the banks of Yamuna . They do so though unwillingly. She remained there leaning against a tree looking at the sparkling waters of Yamuna. The tree she leaned on had her and Krishna’s name engraved upon its bark. Seeing this she remembered those days when she and Krishna used to play around the place, Krishna’s pranks, his words, his smile, the divine music from his flute… In fact it was Radha who had encouraged Krishna to play the flute.
Suddenly she starts getting hiccups (a sign to show that she’ll live no more). Unable to bear the physical and mental agony, she drops her body slowly only to find herself on the lap of the lord. Then she remembers the assurance that her Krishna had given her. Looking at him she breaks down. His smile brings tears to her eyes, his touch stirs her emotions and his very presence puts life into her. Looking at the plight of his beloved, Krishna says, “I’ve failed…” He then cries for the second time, he apologizes for having failed to grant the boon of his proximity to her. Then Radha tells him,” Lord, haven’t you given me the thoughts of yours? Haven’t you given me a heart that has a form of yours alone? A life that lived for you alone? Is it not a boon for me to live in this world yet remember you alone? Truly lord, the moment you left me, I realized that I’m nothing without you. The ego in me is dead. I’m hollow. Kindly take this hollow instrument in thy hands and breathe through thy lips thus letting me merge in the melodious tunes of thy breath.” (A hint for him to play the flute that she loved the most).
The music was so melodious that the whole environment around them rested in peace. And Radha was no exception to this. Krishna realizes that the queen of his heart is no more for his lap becomes heavy, as a result his heart heavier and his anger, heaviest.
The nature too feared the fury of the lord who stood there with red eyes, shedding tears for his Radha. He then looks at the flute and with all the strength that is latent in his creation, throws it into the Yamuna River.
Yes, that was the last time he played the flute. That is how the lord commits himself to his loved ones.
Radha’s and Krishna’s love was misunderstood by the residents of Brindavan as attraction and infatuation, and even today many do. It is up to the devotee the way he worships the lord. Like Hanuman’s was Dasya bhakti to Rama, Radha’s was Madhura Bhakti to Krishna. Yugas changed, but its difficult find someone like Radha who loved god throughout their life. Most importantly could love god alone throughout their life.
Courtesy: An instrument.

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  3. Ranju

    Reblogged this on A few handpicked things in life and commented:

    I had written this post 2 years ago. Yesterday was Krishnashtami. Our dear Lord Krishna’s birthday & I thought I had to dig this post out for people to know of the Lord’s divine love. Enjoy those who haven’t read this before.
    PS: This isn’t my version. This is an excerpt from the discourse given by my beloved Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba ( I am a mere instrument in the hands of Lord Krishna – his flute…

  4. jyothi

    So beautiful…Sai Ram.

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  6. dr sweetyshinde

    I had read that she was elder to him and already married when they met. In some books, I read she was a childhood friend, some books made her a maternal aunt. So many ways that perspectives change.
    I also read somewhere that Krishn was only 12 years old when he left for Mathura.
    Have you read ‘Cuckold’ ? It is about Meerabai and her husband.

    1. Ranju

      Yes, I have heard she was 8 years elder to him. Some books said, he transformed her into a garland and wore her around his neck.
      There re indeed so many versions & one thing common to them is that there was no other to Krishna like Radha.
      No I haven’t read the book. I will 🙂 Thanks for suggesting.

  7. Parritosh

    A lovely story, thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Sreekrishna Ranganathan

    Excellent form of bhakthi…

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