To my drawn cartoon with a Vicksy smile :)

28th Nov 2011, 12 am:
Dialing number…)))  -The number you’re calling is busy at the moment, pls call – ((( End Call.
Dialing number…))) -The number you’re calling is – (((End call.
(Irritated) Dialing… -The numb- End call.
‘This is gonna be the last try after which I’ll go to sleep’
Dialing… – Ring at the other end and a sweet voice “Heelooo…”
A very serious and demanding voice “Whom were you talking to for so long madam?”
Sheepishly “It was an ISD”
“Ohh I know, that one. So couldn’t you keep the phone atleast when u got my 2nd call?”
“I told her that you’ll say this. I knew you’ll be annoyed. That’s why I kept the phone soon.”
Carelessly “I decided this’ll be the last try. If you hadn’t pick this time I’d have gone to sleep.”
“Idiot! On your birthday when I called you up it was like I was trying for a TV phoning program. The line was busy for such a long time. And now you’re talking?”
Defensively, “No no. You were the first to call me. I remember so well coz after you my cousin was waiting in line to wish me. She waited for so long you know!”
“Ok so…?”
“Tell me.”
“Er… What?”
“What you called me for… that!”
“Oh nothing specific. Just felt like talking.” 😀
“Uh? At midnight!?”
“Hmm Yeah! If that ISD can call at midnight why can’t I madam?”
“Please R ! Please… say it”
Though it sounded funny that she was begging just for a wish from me, I was enjoying the situation. I mean calling your friend to wish her Happy Birthday at midnight and talking every other thing except that. And finally making her beg for a Happy Bday, for me the idea is so amusing 😀
Lots of noise at other end. “aargh ! Someone is attacking me and singing songs here!” And a not so loud but bad chorus of Happy birthday.
Still serious “Give the phone to V. I’ve to talk to her.” Once the phone is exchanged.
“Hey V! Guess what that dumbo did? I called her around 3 times and she was busy on a call from abroad. After these many years of friendship, ISD is more important. So you tell me should I wish her?”
The art of playing along, “No way man! That’s absolutely unnecessary. If ISD is important after these many years of friendship, then no need of wishes”
“That’s the spirit. Now give her the phone” – “Today is V’s day and I’ve decided to listen to her. You don’t’ deserve a wish from me since ISD has already wished you”
“Please dear… please please please”
“No! My decision is final”
“Please… “, “Nah! Go to sleep. Got work tomorrow”
“I’ve got exams tomorrow please…”, “Yeah so? me not bothered”
“Hmm… ok Happy Birthday” (In a drawling voice as if disinterested)
“Even ISD tried to kinda fool me saying she called simply but it didn’t work out much.”
“But mine was a hit right? I mean I really made you beg. I loved it! ;)”
“Yeah true. Yours was flawless.  I somehow had to get the wish from you. You really took revenge on me.”
“Yeah in that case my revenge’s not yet over. You’ve got to let Miss ISD know that though her plans didn’t work out, my instant idea was a big hit.”
“Do I have to?”
“Ya def. No other friends of yours can overtake my friendship. I won’t let that happen.”
“Ok. Next time she calls I’ll tell.”
“You better do. Goodnight.”
10:30 PM: She is one of my closest friends. So adorable. I know I seem like the villain here na? But that’s how I’m with her. I can say just about anything to her. I haven’t spoken to her after that today. Didn’t even wish her properly huh!? 😐
This will be a surprise for her. Also I’ve prepared a gift for her which I’ll give sometime in future. Definitely before next bday or probably with the next bday gift. 😀 I’m famous for giving delayed bday gifts and wishes ! So she can have a glimpse of the gift here.

To the girl with the vicksy smile

She has always joined me in all my pranks, listened to all my stories (however boring they were), though sometimes her expressions showed that she was bored :x. She has screamed with me when I screamed, heard me when I just wanted to talk, consoled me when I wanted to cry, criticized almost for every other thing :D.
To the one with Vicks toffee smile,
On this day I pray that you always remain as bubbly as the drawn cartoon you are 😛
And may your vicks toffee smile remain pasted forever on your face :D.
This is just a tiny post. Its filled with love, memories and pranks of friendship. This is to all the non sense we talked, for all the madness we did, for all the troubles we faced, the mental people we tolerated :P, all the hours we talked ill about them, for all the hours we bunked, for the numerous parties we had.
And for that one day when we knew the value of each other.
Happy Birthday Girl!!!
Love you loads da.
Kichie 🙂

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