This is no Fairy tale

Sleep little princess, sleep in peace
Sleep day and night and at ease,
For autumns and springs will come and go
And soon it’ll be winter before you know


Your eyes wouldn’t show the same old twinkle
Your laughter wouldn’t be the little old jingle,
Your tiny hands would be ruined with dust and time,
Your life will never be those cute little rhymes.


Listen not O child! To the fairy tales
Because they’re just that- made up tales!
There was never a rapunzel with long golden hair,
The sleeping beauty too must have had many a nightmare
I agree Cinderella did have a torturing step-mother
But no Prince would have come along to change the weather.


Sleep deep dear, now without any fear
For you’ve a long way to go, through smile and tear.
On the way, nightmares may ruin your sleep
To wipe your tears, your pillows you’ll keep


You’ll tell your tale to the blankets around you
You’ll hide your fears in the darkness behind you
You’ll forget this sleep, you’ll forget this smile
You’ll even forget what happiness is for a while.


The lullabies you hear will soon fade
And you’ll begin to see life’s grey shade.
Sun wouldn’t caress you with his slender rays
The scorching heat would burn and claw at your face.


When you get know the life’s mean ways
Never forget to listen to what your heart says
Look deep within you & find the peace
With which years ago, a lifetime ago you slept at ease.

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  1. Sandra James

    Rly true,dear… din’t knw dat der ws a poet in u…nice usage,great lines… ders a flow….. cn’t simply believe dat ,time has passed away dis fast…. hw carefree lfe was den….

  2. SB

    OMG! Ranjani……….!!!
    Lovely poem babes. Writing big poems aren’t that easy, but looks like you know what you are writing!! 😉
    PS. haven’t come here in a while, rt :/

    1. Ranju

      Thanks sis 🙂 ur comment means a lot

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