Thinking different or being frank isn't arrogance!

A post dedicated to the talented individuals – Ranjini Haridas and Prithviraj Sukumaran who’re paying a high price for being frank, independent, thinking different and living their life within their own principles. Also to all others who face the same.
Firstly, let me make this clear that I’m not a fan of either of them. This post is only on humanitarian grounds taking the example of two popular people so that I could drive home the fact that thinking different or being frank isn’t wrong.
As far as a group of people are concerned, there’s a set of do’s and don’t’s beyond which if a person goes, he is considered to be arrogant and god knows what not! I would call it narrow mindedness.Drawing a line that shouldn’t be crossed which is like asking the frog never to leave the pond. Isnt that dumb!? When the constitution has given the right to freedom, how can a group simply restrict it?
The first person that comes to my mind is, Ranjini Haridas (presently anchor – Idea star singer, asianet). She has been anchoring the program for the past 6 years. She has also compered in many other stages and I must say, she is the best so far at what she is doing.

The mob doesn’t like her. There’re many of my friends and relatives who guffaw the moment her topic comes up. When asked for the reason;
1. She wears short and sleeveless dresses (*Rolls eyes*).
2.  She can’t talk proper Malayalam (Rest of us being experts in the language).
3. She shouts and laughs too loudly on stage (!)
Invariably these are the reasons given by the mob as well as my friends. I believe that most of my friends hate her coz the mob hates her. Funny!
When it comes to her dressing, she isnt too scantily dressed, whatever she wears suits her perfectly.
In any case she isnt coming to your house dressed up that way.
If her language isnt proper, why don’t you appreciate the fact that she is trying to improve? Her Malayalam is much better than what it was once. And ultimately you understand what she is saying, then what is the bloody problem?
On the stage she isnt expected to show her simple, silent and sweet side. Talking is what she’s supposed to do. If you do not like her, switch off your television or change the channel and watch what you like. (Probably bollywood or Hollywood girls wearing shorter dresses or almost nothing.  How cheaply ironic!)
I appreciate her for the work she does. It isnt easy anchoring a show, that too for these many years. It requires guts, presence of mind and improvisations according to the situation. She has excelled in it.

Another person who has been going through this crap is Prithviraj (Actor – Malayalam film industry).   He is handsome (firstly :P), smart, a good actor and a very bold and frank person. He has always said what he felt rather than exhibit fickle sweetness. That has always depicted him as a wrong or an arrogant person. However people don’t realise that the truth that he spits out is better than the fakeness that others portray.

During an interview he commented on THE two best actors in the industry – Mammootty and Mohanlal. That both the big M’s of the industry who’re indeed super stars have grown old. They can never be called youngsters. He said that, coz he was asked something relating to the topic. The mammooty and mohanlal fans couldn’t bear it; they distorted the interview, cut out pieces of conversations from it in such a way that the statements looked like he was being arrogant and released videos, jokes and sms insulting him. The mob; some of them who knew the truth but didn’t like him, some of them who believed the fake videos and the others who normally follow the mob played for a while with this scapegoat.
Was his mistake telling the truth or was it that he said something that you didn’t like?
Did either of them do any harm to you? Can you for a month take the position they’re in and excel in their fields? Have you lived their life, walked in their shoes or even knew them close?
Instead of finding unnecessary flaws in them which doesn’t harm anyone at all, I feel we must learn to appreciate the good in them. If the response (people showed in insulting the two harmless people) was shown in reacting to the political issues, your efforts would’ve been useful to a whole bunch of people.

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  1. Ganja Karuppu

    Yes..! Greatly moving article. I used to think this way too, till I read this. Now I’m filled with remorse thinking of the immense ‘harm’ I’ve caused to the celebrities. (and not the hours I wasted watching the videos and sharing it with the rest of the world) Please quantify the harm caused to them so that I can be aware of the level of my guilt. Please do not be partial and turn a blind eye towards the same injustice being meted out to talented celebrities such as Santosh Pandit, Srisanth, and the likes, by the very same jealous mob and your friends. Lastly, thanks for opening the eyes of a million and more irresponsible people single-handedly.

    1. Ranju

      @Ganja karuppu there’re many more celebrities who face this as u said. But this happens to many laymen too. Thru the example of celebrities i was driving home that fact.
      Its different In case of santosh pandit. I believe talent is when something beautiful is created. He creates, but definition of beauty differs with ppl.
      He’s infamous for wat he has created. It has harmed the mollywood if u ask me.

  2. Sujitha K Sudheer

    But, she is arrogant herself. Thats true. Ok fine, she is frank. But her adamancy, her thinking what she does is 100% perfect and all that crap. She is 100% perfect other people also should consider it. Wearing sleeveless is not a criteria. Who is bothered about that? She is a celebrity. If she considers this as for herself, then she also should learn how to behave in public. Which she does not have. Thats the bottom line.

    1. Ranju

      I don’t know her personally. Nor was I there when the airport incident happened. If by public behavior you mean that incident, how can you believe what people say, when more than 50% of the people are bent upon finding faults with her!? As you would have noticed, nobody ever asked her what happened. Besides, that guy was throwing abuses at her. Even I wouldn’t keep quiet if someone abuses my family & self respect.
      If you have had any bad experiences with her, then I’m sorry. But there’s nothing I know of. 🙂

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