God's Painting

As I was travelling in a bus, I came across a bridge – a tiny one- and the sun peeping from behind it. It was so beautiful.
I was returning after work. Such beautiful sights soothe our mind and body after a long day’s work. Don’t you think?
I believe the nature is God’s painting. He paints new things everyday. If you’ve noticed you’ll see. The sky he paints isn’t the same everyday. Don’t you think so? The colours, the shades he uses, the way he shades the clouds, it isn’t the same smudging and cross hatching. It’s something new everyday, nameless, speeechless shading and beauty.
So I was talking about the bridge and the sun. It looked mind blowing. I tried reproducing it however it never came anywhere near the God’s painting. But here it is. I myself don’t know if it’s the sun or the moon. You can take it as whatever you want. My little effort.:)
My sketching
A talk with the soul.

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