The Spirit of Onam

‘The first prize goes to… ‘
My heart was beating fast. If it wasn’t us… I couldn’t think of what would happen. The efforts taken – day and night, every working day and holiday would all be in vain.
The one who was announcing the prize was looking at the second pookalam & saying the words. Like she wanted to see it one last time before announcing the prize. Like it was the one that deserved the prize.
‘goes to… ‘
Ohh it’s gone. The prize is not for us…
‘Pookalam number three!!!’
It took a second for me to register the fact that we! We had got the first prize. For, there were indications which said we wouldn’t. Besides, we werent satisfied with our performance. Two rows of students got up, showered handful of flowers around , cheered, screamed, jumped, shook hands, threw up anything and everything they could get their hands on.
‘I request the team leaders to come and collect the trophy.’
Few of us went & collected the prize & then it was celebration.
The one line we craved for, ‘The first prize goes to…’, the moment when the prize was collected, it was all too quick. But the efforts taken by the whole team was remarkable. Strategy, hardwork & teamwork, has always led to amazing results.

There were five pookalams totally. Each one of them was beautiful in their own way and I know each of the teams have their own stories of hard work & perseverance. So do we;
Strategies are never meant to be discussed. 😉
Hard work & Teamwork. There were many who volunteered to take up each work, many who accepted the work they were allotted. Many who gave their ideas, suggestions & corrections required. To start with, the design. We had expert opinions on it. Our ex-seniors in spite of their tight schedule took time to help us out. The flowers were arranged & the responsibility for it was taken by one. He was out day & night giving informations on it. There were two who managed the overall arrangements, making sure everything was fine & in place. There was our accounts & measurement section too. He would have been bugged up of me. The changes I kept bringing in… 😀
A whole set of people stayed overnight for taking care of cutting the flowers, two of us carried on with the strategies (unspeakable)  ;), there was one in charge of arranging the side attachments to pookalam & many who contributed for that.
The whole day we had a team ever ready to supply us with the unending flow of flowers – beautifully cut according to our requirements, with patience. If not for them, none of this would have worked. Last year and this year, we won the first and I doubt we would have got that, if they weren’t there. A set of flowers were even sent back to be cut into smaller pieces & without hesitation or a word to blame, in seconds they gave us what we had asked for.
This year we faced additional challenges due to lack of time. The designs were changed, decisions were made in seconds & the team was working along another direction which was unanticipated.
The flexibility was charming.  Like one mind, all tuned to the change without questions & kept continuing their work even at the last moment.
All the complications happened during the last ten minutes due to which it has its own flaws. We are well aware of our flaws and accept it with all the humility. Yet however imperfect it may seem, we are proud of the outcome – A pretty design, united minds and A Happy Onam. 🙂
Unique & beautiful design                         Our Trophy
PS: This post I wrote because I was inspired by the unity. I haven’t seen this kind of unity much & I pray that this remains always.
PPS: Noticed the lavender portion on the pookalam? Pretty na!? 😛

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  1. daffodil

    I always believe in the concept of master mind – ” the fusion of minds”… And the depth and powers of our thoughts become exponential in the process of brain storming..
    A great effort indeed.. The pookalam simply looks awesome… The efforts did pay you off at the end…

    1. Ranju

      Thanks daffodil. I like it, ‘the fusion of minds’ again I can’t help but appreciate your thought process 🙂

      1. daffodil

        🙂 🙂 🙂
        Well Idea isn’t mine.. In Napoleon Hill’s book- The law of Success, this concept is explained in detail and I think has a lot of relevance in our lives as well!!

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