A Promise – like a season.

Of all the myriad seasons that adorn The Earth,
He chose the lovely rains, to walk in with an umbrella
Smiles were exchanged, hands were shaken
and soon, too soon a friendship unspoken.
As autumn shed her leaves and relations broke apart,
as the winter beat down and problems froze everything around,
He stood beside me with his warm smile saying,’I’d walk with you for miles’
The shed leaves mattered no more, the warmth melted all the frozen ice.
The winter  fled & spring took his place,
she woke up all the sleeping saplings.
She adorned the trees with new leaves,
the plants budded and the buds bloomed.
I sang my friend’s smile’s glory,
of the sulky autumn and fleeing winter.
The butterflies & bees ,the flowers & trees,
listened with awe & spread the story.

I praised him for his smile,
I thanked him for his help
All the while he would smile saying,
‘I’d walk with you for miles & miles’.


People walked in from far and wide
The story spread, of the smile he couldn’t hide
He was held up midst people…
making new ones, keeping old ones.

Spring had to leave and so came the summer
I went & sat next to my dear dear friend,
to spend some time, to talk & laugh
But he hadn’t finished with his friends of spring.

The summers passed, another rain came,
I kept no umbrella because he did have one.
And I knew before the first rains,
he would be beside holding it.
As the rains gathered speed
he ran in with the umbrella
I smiled with relief as he said,
‘A toast to the year old friendship’ 🙂
Every now and then he would vanish.
He would say ‘Oh held up due to this and that’
‘You know I get worried that the seasons will change’
‘Let the seasons change, I’ll walk with you’ says he.
I pondered over his words. Did he forget the ‘miles’ part?
While I could feel the distance building,
I tried reducing it by being next to him
But he was surrounded by the newest loyal lot.
Winters & autumns, Springs & summers
I began to wait for the lovely rains
The only time he would be beside me
with the same old umbrella.
But even the rains he spent
being with his new pals
‘they asked for my company so I was there’ he said
So, I should have asked.
He had made me get used to him
He had come during the rains unasked
and now when I asked for it
He was used to his new friends.
During the next rain when he didn’t come,
I had my own umbrella
with no one to hold it but me
I was trying to get used to his absence
The rains before and the rains now do not seem the same
don’t let the seasons take the blame
for it’s their duty to come, go and come again
It is people who come & go
Or rather come, and just leave…


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