If a Shooting Star passes by…

A Wishlist Wednesday Post

As a part of the release of her new book ‘The Secret Wishlist’, Preeti Shenoy is hosting ‘Wishlist Wednesday’ -A series of creative prompts.
This Wednesday special prompt says: The three things I badly wish I could have are…

Wishes are never ending. Aren’t they? Right from the moment you are born, your wishes are born and as you grow, they grow and change with circumstances.
Your mind, heart, soul, in fact your entire life revolve around your wishes.But sometimes there are some wishes that remain unfulfilled.
Like an unfinished business they keep nagging you. Some will forever remain unfulfilled. Even you know that. While others, those you can still get,
you move towards them.
There are times when you lose in life. It happens so suddenly, we are never prepared for it. And when it is a loss of a person, that is irreversible.
There are so many unfinished things. Things you never said, feelings you never expressed, questions you never asked. They were piled up for so long, and one fine day, for nothing.
There goes my first wish. To spend a day with someone I lost.I have someone specific in my mind.Someone who never spoke, who never understood my language but we communicated clearly without words.
We communicated in the language of love. It may sound funny, it may sound silly.
But my 1st wish is to spend some time with my oldest & best friend ‘Ammu’ – My doggy.I had so much to tell her. And to show her that I loved her a lot. But she left without a word.
And here goes my 2nd wish. I wish fairy tales were true.That fairies would appear now and then, angels would follow you & guard you
wherever you go, that pixies would play pranks, that witches, wizards & magic were true. That tooth kept under the pillow would
turn into a coin and finally, that Santa would come down the Chimney and leave a gift for me on Christmas.:)
The 3rd wish is no less. A smile potion. To draw back the wiped out smiles. As I pass by each sad person, if I could put a smile
on their face, wouldn’t it be beautiful?
It sounds silly, but it has got a deep side. A smile potion means a solution. If each of us had the heart, time & power to put
a smile on a face everyday, we have 365 smiles a year just from me. Imagine, if there were 10 of us spreading smiles…? And then a 100…?
And the smiles multiply like candle lights & finally who knows, one day I may need a smile potion. 🙂
I know I sound like a fictional character. But yes, I do have tiny fulfillable wishes too. The wishes I mentioned above are those that
keep coming in my mind because they will never be fulfilled. So they are important you see ;). Rest will get fulfilled with time
I believe.
Have a happy wishful & wish fulfilling day folks
Take care 🙂
Christmas wishes!