The Women's voice!

Has humanity become so vulnerable that the heart, mind and soul have been over powered by a pound of flesh!?
Oh Men! Just once I wish you would be in the shoes of a girl & endure a stare that starts from your head to toe.
‘X-ray’ing every bit of your body with an evil smile. I will tell you how exactly it feels. At times it is so intolerable that we wish we could just burn ourselves down at that very moment.
If those eyes followed you wherever you went, with an evil look –  a look that said they didn’t have anything good for you in store, trust me, fear is not the word. Terrified or Horrified – nothing comes close to what we experience then. It is what only girls go through. A fear of losing everything but life. That is what we are told. Chastity is everything. It is more important than life!
Following & watching a girl scuttle alongside the road, terrified, watching her throw angry looks when the fear is evident in her eyes. The look that a rabbit gives when it knows that it is about to end. Men! You cherish that, don’t you? You deserve to be eaten alive by vultures. The earth needs some scavenging!
If only men knew how filthy we feel in and out when we are touched the wrong way. If only we could wash away the dirt, the permanent hurt in our minds with hours of scrubbing. It haunts and flaunts us throughout our lives. The moment they touch, their fingers should burn.
And for those who go mindless & become mere animals. Murderers are saints next to them. For death is liberation compared to a cursed life. To live with shame, with traces of dirt & tortured mind, body & soul… How many women? How did they survive? How did they live such a life?
2 rapes in a week. The Delhi gang rape & a rape on a 5 year old kid.
The 23 year old girl has just lived a quarter of her life and you Demons have finished with her. Three-fourths of a life is a price for fifteen minutes of lust. The 5 year old would never be the same. Her nightmares would consist of the monster who did bad things to her & the face of the monster would haunt her all life. The shadows would never leave. And when she grows up and gets to know what happened to her, the realization would be another ordeal for the innocent.
He should not be killed. That makes it easy. He shouldn’t be imprisoned. He will be free soon. Rip him off his identity. He shouldn’t be called by his name anymore. But mere ‘Rapist’. Let the call haunt him throughout his life. Castration? Yes. Not surgical. Torture him bit by bit. Humiliate him. And let the world know what he went through so that never again a man thinks of doing it.
The ones who blame the women and their dressing. I request you to go check any 20 rape victims’ case and find out what they were dressed in. Even the most modestly dressed cannot escape it. If dress provokes, I’d like to hear you explain the assault of children and 60 year old . Dresses may draw looks. But a person who becomes an animal, at that moment doesn’t bother about clothes. He just need to satisfy his need.
A word to Women!

  • Wear the clothes you are comfortable in. The notion that clothes cause rapes is wrong. Because ultimately any type of cloth can be ripped. Be it a sleeveless kurti or a purdah!
  • Learn self defence techniques. Carry a pepper spray.
  • Do not travel in vaccant buses or vehicles. Do not go alone, late at night.
  • When a stranger touches you wrong, slap him in the public.
  • When an acquaintance does the same, alert someone responsible. If you keep silent, it is a license for the acquainance to do it again.

Dear Men,
Your lot must save women from your lot. When friends choose the wrong path, turn him around or turn him in to the law!

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  1. alphy

    tel me one age in wich a gal is safe??
    tel me in whose hand she is safe??
    feels truly bad wit al d tings hapnin..when a kid is jus 5 do v actualy luk at their gender wit al afection v jus cal them kids.. n in whose hand can tey find safety. a father rapin his own daughter. where is tis world headin to. it would hav been better if d world ended on 21st dec.. plz do hav mercy on tese kids tey deserve a beter plac in our heart.

  2. daffodil

    Is that five minutes of disgusting pleasure what leads these heartless men into it…?? Yet to be questioned and understood!! Heartless and ruthless isn’t the word to describe them… It’s a disgrace to mankind… A situation which makes it impossible to distinguish ourselves from scavengers and animals…
    As you said, blaming a girl for the dress she has worn is the most lamest way to justify the incident or find cause with… What if she was completely nude? Does that give men enough right to exploit her? Does her dress speak out to the crowd that she is ready for a lousy sex drive??The social stigma that prevails around us always washes clean the deeds of men and they can only stop to find never ending faults with the girls… Right from affairs and relationships to even brutal rapes… It is ALWAYS the GIRL’S FAULT…!! And this notion of the public is more grieving than the incident itself.. It is high time we grow up, that realization takes its way onto our lives and we act and see the situation in the light it deserves…
    Only with prayers in mind and hope that the poor girls get enough strength to bear all that has happened…
    …. Lovely Article 🙂

    1. Ranju

      Exactly! Ultimately only the girls have a set of dos’ & don’ts. While men are the ones to be controlled.
      Thanks daffodil.

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