Life is crazy

What would happen if you had a series of amazing events in a row? It would sound like fiction. The first fiction that happened yesterday was me winning a couple of ‘sports’ competitions. Every time I think of that I blink and laugh within. Me! And Sports!? πŸ˜€ At school, I was the stray member running in the opposite direction of basketball or Volleyball or whatever. I was the easy bait for the kho-kho chasers and my knees were ready to buckle at the sight of a dodge ball. The very same me, after witnessing a funny stream of events and a bit of effort, came second in something. This has still not registered in my mind. Meanwhile, something interesting happened. My partner Soa and myself were getting prepared for a game of carroms when our opponents asked our names. One of them showed a sign of recognition and asked me, ‘Ranju?’ I smiled quizzically, ‘Yes’ ‘Your blog!?’ A bigger smile (Did I leave my pic in my blog? How did she just relate the name?) ‘Yes’ She extended her hand and introduced herself. I couldn’t place her anywhere. Then she said ‘Accrossmylife‘ A sudden recognition dawned on my face ‘Oh!’ and I shook hands with her. A fellow blogger! On a random day, in a random event, meeting a random blogging friend whom I never saw or spoke to, it wasn’t something that happened often! And so our meeting began at a competition and had a friendly game. My partner played sitting on top of three chairs. And we parted saying I would write about the game and name it ‘Soa and her three chairs’ πŸ˜› After immense support and encouragement from our friends, after a thoroughly enjoyable day, we returned home dead tired and happy. It was a memorable day! But it didn’t end there. Today, our CS results were out. What could someone who studied exactly half the portion and wrote her own stories expect? But the result was astonishing! Again I laugh within, thinking of the days I wrote those papers. I wrote whatever I felt like and walked out after my peak gassing point. On a serious note, that definitely is the constant invisible hand that helps me always. That is the only explanation I have. Once I got home, I got a call from one of my close buddies. Close, but we rarely kept contact. And then an unexpected turn of events again. Discussing what she said here, would take another para or two, so let it be. She just threw a proposal at my face, took time to explain and gave me time and space to decide. It was the rare, well thought and handpicked proposal that only close family or friends normally give. Most importantly, it was a proposal which would have created different reactions in different people. Yet, she was ready to face anything from me and placed it before me. I just respect her and love her for that. A gesture just strengthened a bond. After these crazy two days, I couldn’t help but think of all the unrelated craziness around me. Life couldn’t me more dynamic, could it? πŸ˜‰

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  1. daffodil

    Had been away from blogs for a while now… Have been missing the posts…
    That day was a fine one… Getting to know and interact with like minded people is always worth…
    Keep penning… You have a great flair with words…The pen is mightier than the sword…
    Best Wishes πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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