How to recognize the words wrapped with feelings

Words are beautiful. Like the notes of a song. But without the right feelings, there is no music. Yes, it has to be the right combination. In life, there are moments when we wish to express some feelings, but words aren’t adequate. And sometimes we have too many good words with no feelings. We don’t realize but there are also moments when WE FAIL TO RECOGNIZE OTHERS’ WORDS AND FEELINGS maybe due to their lack of resources. Do you know how to recognize the feeling packed words? It is simple. They linger. They come back to you in a good and memorable way, leaving a smile on your lips! 🙂
People say never take your eyes off your goal. But sometimes when we take our eyes off the goal, we notice what we had been missing. It could be a relationship, or it could be a friendship. Sometimes, we try to hold on to it because it once was the perfect thing in our lives. But while we put all our energy and focus on that one friendship, we compromise many others. Ultimately even if we manage to save our friendship, the crack in the pot remains. The hand that comes to heal the crack wouldn’t be the one that caused it, rather it would belong to someone we had avoided all along. Then we know what we had been missing. While we were running behind a friend that we tried to keep, we were being followed by the friend that tried to keep us. It isn’t hard to notice. His consistent endeavors to keep us close will have umpteen feeling packed words. Most of it would be, ‘Hey! are you alright?’ Never lose him! 🙂
People say possessiveness or jealousy causes a hitch in the relations. And so all of us hide our jealousy and pretend to be ‘casual’. But have you heard someone tell you, ‘I used to hate it when you talked to those guys. I used to hate them too. But now I like them all, because you talk to me more these days.’ I have heard these words. And it brought a smile to my face. It was one of the sweetest sentences I have ever heard.
People say never overdo things, that it may look dramatic. You met your friend after a long time, and you were speechlessly happy. But did you bring your happiness from within, let it emanate from your eyes and trickle down your lips? I did. And guess what? I got a feeling wrapped up in words. I just smiled brightly, with my eyes wide and a spring in my voice I said, ‘Hey! Hello!It has been really really long! Where on earth were you? How have you been? I’m so glad you are back!’ He just replied me casually and smiled.
The next day I got this from him, ‘When you began talking to your best friend again, I started distancing myself from you. I was scared that, that friendship of yours would end our friendship. But you have no idea what I felt seeing your happiness when you saw me yesterday morning. It was definitely a new hope for our friendship!’ Till today I wonder, had I not expressed my happiness that day, I would never have known that someone somewhere cherished my friendship.
A friend was leaving office for his studies. Few of us decided to meet over an ice cream. We spoke for hours together and one by one people started leaving. After having every flavor of ice cream possible, we ordered another ice cream. Four spoons dug into one. The owner of the ice cream was cornered three against one. However he tried to stop us from having, the moment his spoon left the ice cream cup premises, we attacked! After dropping ice creams everywhere and breaking few spoons due to ice cream fights, we decided to let him have the last few specs of it. As we left the parlor, the one leaving our office said, ‘Thank you guys for such a wonderful evening. I will never forget this day.’ And, we stood at the doors and spoke for another half an hour. Finally we bid our goodbyes and then, ‘Really, this was a memorable evening. Thank you all. From tomorrow I will have only books for company.’ And then we walked to the ground floor and began talking. After that we shifted further and stood there talking. A car that was parked nearby hours ago, left the parking spot.  After a while, another car took its place. And, we were chatting. By now, many more ‘Byes’ and ‘Thanks for the lovely evenings’ were over. Finally I made up my mind and said, ‘For the last time, Bye! I really got to go.’

An ice cream and four spoons 🙂

I don’t even remember the flavors

‘Why don’t we round up to ten?’
Crazy as we may seem, ‘Bye’
‘Oops! That is an eleven.’
‘Oh yeah! Ok then let it be twenty next.’
And sure enough, a ten more byes rang up in the air. And then, ‘Bye!’ 😛
He got whacked on his head. ‘Idiot! Why did you say the extra one?’
‘Now make it twenty-two. It’s a good number.’
‘No! twenty-five!’
‘Alright! Bye’

And an outburst of laughter. All of us dispersed without another Bye. Thank God! If someone had said another bye, being the crazy lot, we might have counted another twenty-five byes! 😀 Once I reached home, I had a text waiting in my inbox. It said, ‘Had an awesome evening. Tons of thanks. Laughed a lot!’ It definitely was packed with feelings. But you know the best part? All those twenty five ‘byes’ were simple repititive words packed with  feelings too. Apart from the random crazy stuff that only friends can do, it also meant none of us wanted to leave. Those byes’ were just the excuse we needed.
PS: All my friends know that I despise ice creams. But somehow, that day, it tasted too memorable! 🙂
PPS: Close your eyes and think of your friends’ words that still linger. Pick up the phone, ring them and say that you remember those words. You just created some words wrapped with feelings.

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  1. Rahul Kothari

    special thanks to u Ranjini (ranju) for drawing this wonderful article with color of words nd feelings……. miss my frnds with whom i shared similar moments …

    1. Ranju

      You are always Welcome Rahul… This is what I always wanted. To bring a smile on the face of those who read, or make them think 🙂 thanks for your encouragement.

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