Why should boys have all the fun?

I walked into the immaculately furnished office room. I just wanted to finish off with this work and go home. I saw a receptionist sitting at the far end. I picked up pace, taking long strides to reach there, when something caught my eyes and I stopped abruptly. Towards my left she stood. Perched upon a dais, with all her elegance and beauty put to display. It was love at first sight. For the first time after I set out for this, I was excited. I pointed out to her and said, ‘Either I will have her, or we leave.’
As I took her home, we had our own problems adjusting with each other. I wasn’t used to someone like her. Nor was she used to being with a particular person constantly. And so, both of us had our fair share of starting trouble. But with time, a bond formed between us. I started talking to her, I’d hug her and I could sense her feeling good about it. When someone else took her off and later when she saw me, I could hear her complaining. That she doesn’t like anyone else taking her out. After she had a tough time with someone else, when I held her, I could feel her relaxing beneath my palms. I could feel the strain wearing off.
From the first day, we have always been together. She comes with me wherever I go, takes me wherever I want. She shares all my emotions. Soars with me when I am happy, walks with me enjoying the fresh air when I am at peace, storms out with me when I am angry, is restless when I am, she doesn’t complain when she is low on food. I could trust her to be with me at any hour of the day. Her arrival has added more colors to my life. 🙂
The worse happens when she needs a check up. No one knows better than me that she hates these check ups. She refuses to enter the hospital made for her kind and I have to force her to stay. As I leave, she looks at me with foreboding eyes. Though reluctant I have to leave her there for a day for the check up to be done properly. And for all that, when I go pick her up in the evening, she gets all rebellious. She moves too fast, stops abruptly – all the after effects of the check up. But in the end she knows that I do it for her own good.  🙂
A major problem is, she gets really dirty at times. When I bathe her, she stands there absolutely still like the good girl that she is, while I talk to her and discuss with her about our trips. She enjoys listening to me. Once I wipe the water off her, she gleams all over brand new lavender and silver smiles flashing. And I could sense her ‘feeling fresh’ about herself. It is indeed a unique relationship that we share. Did I tell you her name? She is Lavy 🙂
It is the ‘happily ever after’ story of my two-wheeler and me. A lavender pleasure shaded with silver. It had been more than a month since we had decided to buy a new two-wheeler. But I wasn’t all that excited and so I didn’t take much initiative. We went to showroom 1 in the beginning but I didn’t like the one there. I agreed to take it because of its so-called-features. However due to some reason we dropped it and walked in at showroom 2. That was when the magic happened. I never believed that we could form connections with non- living things. But from that day onward,  I understood what it meant. 🙂
And yeah as the tagline goes, ‘Why should boys have all the fun!?’ 😉

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  1. bachu

    d language yew usd s reallly superb
    D way u expressd ua thots s really gud

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