At the dawn of love, did they part.

She- a wanderer, from moor to meadows,
ocean to land, and woods to willows,
-sat by the woods, thinking of those faces,
that have walked past her & left no traces.
A handful of faces, stayed forever in her heart.
Some came, left & came again for their part.
Some left to never look back,
others stayed & played the sly jack.
A fellow wanderer walked in & sat beside her.
Not a glimpse she took, at that stranger.
They sat there watching the day turn black.
He got up & walked into the dark.
He walked in again at the break of dawn.
She peeked at his mask that resembled a fawn.
She wondered what lay behind his mask,
the truth or a lie!? – It’s a tough task!
They sat silent all day, fearing each other’s masks.
At the brink of dusk he left for his tasks.
As it dawned he would walk in,
he’d half smile and she’d yield in.
A week of Smile & silence ensued
& soon, an unspoken friendship bloomed.
She wondered why daily he reappeared
was it for her company or was his path so weird?
She got up to leave, & their eyes met,
‘Leaving?’, ‘I’m a wanderer & my time is set’.
She willed him to stop her, and he willed her not to leave.
Not a word they said, parting was meant to be.
Many a faces had she seen,
faces with masks, smiles & deceitful means.
As she walked away, she thought of his face.
His respect for her, had won him the highest place.
Another smile or word, may form a bond,
of friendship which’d either end or go beyond.
She preferred parting, knowing him hence,
to admire his face forever at this distance.
For flowers are beautiful when seen far-off.
A closer look at them, & your eyes may scoff.
A tender touch, the petals may wither,
And soon you’ll wish to see them from afar.

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    1. Ranju

      Thanks a lot Alisha 🙂

  1. Maddy

    Wow this is really beautiful, touching and thought provoking. The way you weave your words shares so much more than just the words themselves. Was lovely to read!

  2. Maddy

    Reblogged this on beautify inside and out and commented:
    I thought this was too beautiful not to share. So many talented writers to be found and inspire us.

  3. Ranju

    Thanks a lot Maddy . I was wondering if the feelings that was meant here would reach the readers. Thanks for taking your time to read, comment & reblog. 🙂

  4. midnightbutterfly7

    I love it! I absolutely love it!

  5. theclocktowersunset

    I was trying to figure out where I had read this before, I didn’t think I had seen your blog. Driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aha, it was in Maddy’s blog.

    1. Ranju

      Haha yeah! Maddy had reblogged it. Hope you liked it 🙂


    i can go on and on saying how beautiful this is.. for now i’d say wow!!

    1. Ranju

      Thanks Akhil 🙂 Both for reading & expressing what you felt 🙂


        No we haven’t literally..but i do know you.. i heard you singing that very boring common farewell song in a lovely voice..

  7. Ranju

    O yes! The Akhil whom Sir kept calling day in & out. I should have known. 🙂
    Well, thanks about the voice & sorry about the song 😛

  8. Ranju

    Reblogged this on Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice and commented:

    Ever felt a tug when you met a stranger? A weird feeling of not wanting to talk, but a weirder feeling never wanting to move away?
    My poem about 2 strangers who met and read on…

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