When Love rains & Friends shine

I am a person who loves rains. To all rain lovers, no offense meant. ^-^

First rain… It began with the breeze.
The cool breeze with a tinge of wetness.
Kissing the Earth’s forehead,
and picking up her fragrance.
Odour of the mud, the dried leaves,
mixed with the freshness
of the new sprouted leaves.
The first few drops fell like life essence on her.
Kissing her cheeks, eyes, forehead,
slowly & softly pecking at her.
He brought a smile to her face
each time he caressed her.
He touched her shoulders,
moving his fingers down softly, trickling to her finger tips.
She stood there delving in his beauty,
awed by his penetrating effect on her.
She stood there oblivious to the moments fleeting,
savoring every touch of his.
Her insides were like embers,
hissing each time he looked at her.
Soon she was drenched from top to toe.
She had forgotten herself,
her surroundings,
She had even forgotten it was pouring.
All she knew was Rain & herself,
place was only here,
the time- past, present & future was only now.
What she didn’t know was,
He would leave sooner than he came.
She didn’t know that she would fool herself
into believing that he would come again.
She didn’t know that he would only drench her
& leave;  not dry her.
That she had to save herself.
She stood there oblivious to everything.
One moment she was in ecstasy & the next,
She was in the middle of nowhere
teeming with people, friends & family.
there was no trace of the Rain, nor the clouds.
She opened her eyes to find
that Sun was holding her.
Looking worriedly into her eyes
drying her & trying to ease her out.
But the fever had already begun.
She tried to disguise the fact that
the fever was killing her from within.
The puddles ached & the fallen trees moaned.
Next were the days surviving the fever.
Her cheeks & forehead where the rain had touched, now burnt!
She remembered his fingers,
cool & soft against her skin.
She soon came to know
that the clouds had shifted
and he was raining elsewhere,
touching & caressing someone else.
The pitter patter laughter rang in her ears &
it didn’t sound appealing anymore.
His soft words echoed in her ears
as though it had been amplified a hundred times.
What she thought was the tone of love,
felt like malice to her now.
Some days it would be unbearable,
somedays it ached badly.
She curled up & held herself tight
trying to close the puddles in her heart
shedding tears of angst & remorse
willing for the pain to go away
After long intervals of numbness,
bouts of pain and more numbness, She began to heal.
The pain remained, the temperature reduced.
But the intensity was coming down.
Everyday the Sun came up to check in on her.
She realised how all along he had lighted up her life &
She had forgotten him when Rain drenched her.
Yet when she was alone again, Sun saved her.
She improved with each passing day and soon she got up,
began walking & moving around.
After lots of struggles & distractions,
She began loving life once more.
She realised what she had been missing.
She realised that rain had left her cold,
gave her puddles, she had been treated unfairly
& she had been feeling uncomfortable.
She had taken a liking to this come back.
she had emerged a more happy person.
One thing had changed though.
She had developed a hatred towards Rains.
A deep & penetrating spite mixed with fear.
She began shunning rains.
The love for her life was directly proportional
to the hatred for rains. Both increased.
And since then each time it rained, she fled.
She pitied those who got drenched.
She loved her life full of Sunny days
She loved how he lighted her in many ways.

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