Twist in an old tale

2 years back I had written a post about my childhood friend. For those who haven’t read it, here it is. Nameless-friendship-a-golden-shade
I had accepted the fact that I may not see him again. I wasn’t bent upon finding him either. Because I believe certain relationships are beautiful when they are incomplete. Let me tell you why.
I had a friend whom I met during one of my summer vacations. Settled in Noida, he had come down to Cochin to visit his relatives. We became really good friends.Promising to keep in touch whenever possible, he left to Noida & I left to Bangalore to continue my studies. We neither had cell phones, nor Facebook then. So there was no way to keep in touch. After around 8 years, I found him on Facebook. But that friendship didn’t go well because we had changed. Our wavelengths could never match.  Slowly & steadily, the friendship came to an end. The sweet and happy memories we had 8 years back was charred by the new face it bore.
Strange, isn’t it? It was like a beautiful flower that I had seen 3 days back. Now when I see it, it has become dry & withered.  And there is nothing I can do about it. I would have been better off with the memories of the fresh, beautiful flower & its fragrance. That day I learnt a lesson about chasing the past. If what ended was beautiful, be glad that you have beautiful memories of the past. Don’t chase it, for it must have ended for a reason.
Few months back, my mom rang me up, ‘I have a happy news for you. I met Nandu’s father. Suddenly he had come to my office for some reason. Nandu has completed his studies. I’ll tell you more when I get back’
I was over-whelmed. I was confused, shocked, awed & what not!  But most of all I was tensed because I had my exams that day. So I put Nandu to the back of my head & continued my studies. I decided as soon as my exams got over, I’d call him. Once my exams got over, I further postponed the call to another week and then another & many more weeks passed thus. I feared that the beauty of those lovely days would fade, that they’ll be charred if our friendship couldn’t click like before.
3 months later, suddenly I got up & began searching for his number. I wanted to know his name first. I dialled the number into my true caller app & hit search. The name was shown & first time in 16 years I got to know his real name. Then my mom told me to ring him up & so against all odds, I did. His phone rang & rang & after what felt like an eternity, he picked up,
Hello! Nandu?
Er… do you recognise me? (I know that was super weird! But how else do I start?)
Umm… can you talk some more?
It’s been really long since we have met
How long?
Probably 10-15 years
15 years? (There was surprise) Are you family?
A friend
From Eroor or Edapally?
School friend?
College friend?
Nop. You had gone outside Kerala right?
Where were you before that?
Ok. Where were you when you were 6 years old?
Where in kalamassery?
He thought for a while & both of us said together  ‘Soorya nagar
Oh I got it now. I remember you.
No you don’t.
Yes I do
So what is my name?
Name… Name… eh… I can’t remember. What is your name?
I won’t tell you. Find out yourself.
Um… please please tell me
Nop! You have got to find it.
Ok I will.
We spoke for some more time & then he promised to call back that day after he got my name. Sure enough soon he called up,
Apparently his mother had told him my name. We spoke for some more time & hung up.
That evening I sent him the link of the post I had written about him. He was over whelmed. He was very much touched & he kept telling me that. 
It was like watching a short film. You had reminded me my childhood days.
I’m glad you liked it
Liked it? I loved it!! It brought tears to my eyes.
I’m sorry. Forgive me for not remembering your name.
Thank you. I’ll never forget you again.
In another week’s time, we met. He gifted me a card & said, ‘This is a gift for that post you wrote. I read it & I was shocked. This is also for remembering name. Thanks a lot for that.
I went home & opened the card. It was a really beautiful one. Certain cards bring a smile to your face. This one was such a greeting. On a yellow background, glittering pink flowers were painted. In front it said, ‘Thank you, for your wonderful gift of friendship’. Inside it read, ‘it means the world to me’. It was signed NANDU.
I texted him saying I loved the card. He said ‘It is nothing compared to what you wrote.
I have heard the saying, The earth is round. That day when my mother called me up saying she met Nandu’s father, I learnt the depth of the quote. The probability of meeting my childhood friend – who had left to Chandigarh, whose name I didn’t know – was what? One in a million? Yet, we met!
There is another quote that says, friends are those people whom even if you meet after years, you can resume the conversations from where you left. We did have awkward silences & searching moments when we were out of topic. Yet our friendship didn’t feel awkward. We were just too good friends catching up after a bit too long .
I signed off my previous post saying ‘This is neither a fairy tale nor a movie story & so it doesn’t have a happy ending yet.’ But now all I have to say is, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost! 😀 🙂

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