Articleship diaries

Two weeks back, on a tuesday evening I bid farewell to my articleship firm. 3 years & 49 days was indeed a roller-coaster ride there. For the last 6 months I was disturbed by the thought that I would soon leave the firm. My allegiance lie not with the work as all my colleagues would know, but it lies with the people & the atmosphere there. ๐Ÿ˜› I kept wondering what I would tell them on my last day. Each time I thought of it, I made mental notes as to what I’ll tell them as I left.
For the last one year, I kept telling them on a lighter note, ‘On my send off, you all have to prepare a dance, song, drama & a special crying item where you all will cry asking me not to leave’. ๐Ÿ˜› The day arrived. I tried to complete my work & by the time it was evening, my head began to ache.
At the usual send off time, friends who had gone for out audits came to office. The send-off foodies were ready & before I knew, I was asked to cut the cake, It had suddenly begun, someone smeared icing on my face, I was asked to sing, I sang & I was invited to ‘The Hot seat.’
The hot seat is where all the outgoing articles were made to sit & badgered with questions. That was the time when they were given the undivided attention of all the articles there. That was when I had to speak. I sat there and the questions began. As I sat there, approx 25 pairs of eyes looked back at me. That was when the reality hit me. I hadn’t accepted the fact that I was leaving. I kept cracking jokes about leaving, trying to convince me that I’d leave soon. But I had not come to terms with the reality.
Amidst all those questions, San asked me, ‘Can you say what you like in each one of us?’ I had nothing to say. I liked each & everyone there for certain reasons. But at that point of time I had gone blank. My brains had shut down. My mental notes had vanished. All that I thought I would say during the last few months, I had completely forgotten.
Soa ย asked me ‘Rate these activities in the order of your preference – Singing, writing, dancing, drawing’. A simple question that I couldn’t answer. I gave a vague reply & escaped. They asked me if I had anything to tell them. I said nothing I wanted to. But that night I decided I’ll tell them all that I intended to say sometime soon. So here it is:
Let me answer your questions:
1. To say what I like in each of you, I’ll have to write it separately. So I think that could wait. I don’t intend to stop writing about my articleship in near future. Because I have so many memories in there. I’ll write them all.
2. In my order of preference – Writing, dancing, drawing & singing are on the same level.
3. I do have somethings to tell you all & here it goes
I have been friends with most of you. We have witnessed some of the best days as well as the worst times together. Many of you have seen me at my best & my worst. Sometimes you changed, sometimes I changed. Sometimes we fought like it was the end of our friendship but soon we resolved it. Sometimes I hated you, sometimes you hated me but at the end, the ice melted. Sometimes I never got what i expected, sometimes I never gave you what you expected. The day I left, I had no permanent enemies, I had no complains but one, some of them who I expected would come for my send off, didn’t turn up. It hurt me so much. Anyway, to all those with whom I shared smiles, tears & audits, to all those who intend to stay or leave with time, to all those who crossed my path there,ย Thank youย for the bunch of memories. ๐Ÿ™‚
During the last 3 years many changes happened in many of our lives. Some were revealed, some kept secret.ย Clashes happened, groups were formed, mistakes were made & we blamed each other, but at the end of the year, somehow we all bonded together again. Our strength & happiness revolved around just one element – Unity. Whatever may happen, make sure you don’t ruin the unity. Make sure there are no groups formed. School groups, institute groups, room groups, audit groups should all disintegrate & merge into one office team. Groups create barriers. They brew secrets. People who aren’t a part of your group feel uncomfortable to come amidst you. It is my humble request to all, if you’re a part of a group, loosen the bond & let everyone join your group.ย Let the entire crew row the boat in one direction.
I believe during the last few years, I did apologise each time I hurt someone. Sometimes I didn’t apologise but told you the reason why I didn’t. I honestly didn’t feel I was wrong. But now, a note to those whom I hurt, I never knew that I did & who either hold grudges still or who have forgotten & forgiven, whatever the mistake was,ย I’m sorry.ย It must have been unintentional.
Another note to those at whose cost I cracked jokes. Damn!ย You guys were hilarious!ย How could I stop myself from sharing something that was so funny. I really can’t apologise to you because I intend to retell those jokes everytime I see you. Thank you for making us laugh. Specially Layana, Jennifer, Tojo, Amal, Afsal etc. You people made those tea times lively.
A special note to BB & the whatsapp team at office! Thanks for making me famous through that edited pic ;). I was overwhelmed to see most of my recent contacts having that yellow profile pic. Now I believe half the world population (Binu sir’s whatsapp contacts constituting 90%) ๐Ÿ˜› knows me, a handful thought something awful had happened to me, a few thought I were a celebrity & I thought you guys were awesome! I felt loved & pampered. It really brought tears to my eyes. I wasn’t ‘Reddy’ for any of those ๐Ÿ˜‰
Thanks for all the wonderful times. I had fun practising dance, music, skit, mad ads, badminton, organising trips, programmes & parties. I enjoyed playing pranks and being subject to your pranks.ย Never stop fighting over ‘audit with food claims’, fighting over office laptops, fighting over chairs, making evening plans for chaats, ice creams & kulukkis, plans for movies, trips & tours, lunch meetings during out-audits, fighting over food, forcing to give treats, joining in gossips, making up stories, finding second meanings in almost everything & playing pranks. Let the spirit burn. Love you guys!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›
PS – I wasn’t kidding when I requested that we meet twice a year. I don’t know how many of you took it seriously. I’m waiting to find out by 18th Feb 2015. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Binu

    Love you dear ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. SB

    all the best rowdy… to the road that is ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sandra James

    dat ws really gr8…..!!!!! bt couldnt cm,even though i had promsd u ….2 b vry frank ,u ver 1 of a kind….i dont knw wat bonded us 2gthr…bt u wer n vld always remain spcl in ma lyf…n d gt2gthr dng,im in it….n one more dng lyk u alwaysa say……miss me ,eh….!!!!!!:)

    1. Ranju

      It’s ok dear. I totally understand your inconvenience to come. And yes, I felt the same with you – the special bonding. I felt it being reflected too. Some of us blended in effortlessly in a weirdly nice way if you know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love u dear. Miss me too ๐Ÿ˜›

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