Goddess of justice has been blindfolded.

Children are like google. They become what you give them. Want proof?
Type ‘Women should…’ in google.

I was shocked when I saw the google suggestions. Google suggestions show the real searches that have been done by other people. Not everyone sees the same suggestions. It differs with reegion & language. . Want to know what I found when I googled women should?
1. Women shouldn’t work – Sounds tempting. Come on women! From tomorrow, no one will work. Get up, take a shower, watch some movie, read some books, listen to music, nurture your hobbies. But do not work. Food will conjure up  by themslves. Don’t tell me work is only that, which is done at office.
2. Women should stay at home – How about this? Men, don’t get married. Let the women stay at home. They will be better off in theirs.
3. Women shouldn’t vote – Ah! Makes sense. Why should women vote? For whom should women vote? For those ministers who blame the women instead of knowing that the law is flawed!? Women should never vote. The following link made me puke thinking of the state of our country.
4. Women should be seen & not heard – Yeah right! Sit back & watch porn on mute. Or gag the girl you picked off the street & rape her. Then make her drink some acid, pour some on her face & kill her. She’ll never be heard.
(My prayers to that girl in UP. )
I have said these a hundred times before and I will say again:

  • Men protect women from men. What an irony!
  • If short skirts & western clothing is the cause of rapes, explain the rape of 5 year olds, 70 year olds & burqa clad women.
  • If the women these days are to be blamed for their clothes, don’t get me started on ancient Indian culture & clothing. Visit a temple or a monument & look at the sculptures. (Yes, bow to them, come out & lech at women. What is with that culture?)
  • The Ramayana war was fought for Sita & Mahabharata war for Draupadi. Then & now, women are not the ones to take the blame. Then & now, women are objects of sexual desire. Then and now, THE EVIL MUST BE SLAYED!
  • Finally, for the first time, I’m writing this. I fear being an Indian woman. I fear to walk the streets of India. And I feel ashamed that in spite of these many crimes against women, the law turns a blind eye.
    Now I understand why the Goddess of justice has been blindfolded.


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  1. AbsentElemental

    All of the time growing up, I heard my mother say the very four things you listed in your post in regards to women. While those statement didn’t impact me directly as a male, I always found it wrong to hear someone say that a woman should be seen and not heard (or any of the other items you listed). I’d like to think that society as a whole is working past that mentality, however it’s a very slow process. Cultural changes don’t happen day to day or year to year, they happen generation to generation.

    1. Ranju

      Yes, I do agree nothing happens overnight. On one side, it does seem like the society is working as a whole on the mentality. But from what I can see, the attitude of the people around me doesn’t change. I have many friends with the same mentality even now. I cannot change their mentality. But as you said the change happens from generation to generation, this is aimed at the folks here who are nurturing the new growing generation. 🙂

  2. Francis (@aredrover)

    I am so sorry. I have been watching some of the HR violations in India, and it’s absolutely appalling. I never grew up with those phrases – I was told that well behaved women seldom make history. So I learned to behave … not ‘badly’… maybe unconventionally though.
    I do, however, have total faith in the future generation. I see progress, even in places like Afghanistan. While progress isn’t fast enough, I try to see the world as an optimist… any progress is a good sign.

    1. Ranju

      Yes, let us hope 🙂

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