How I write.

A riverside cottage… with creepers growing through its walls, chirping birds, squirrels playing hide & seek and butterflies wafting about. The entire place is vibrant with flowers, colors and smell few of which I recognize and few of which I don’t. The creepers growing on the cottage has tiny blue flowers on them and my cottage looks like she has decked herself up. The shrubs, plants and trees around gives a green background to the entire scene. The earth is dark and cool and she is bathed in her cologne – that smell after the first drizzle. There is a hammock tied to 2 coconut trees where I could lie all day with a cup of coffee and an enchanting book that pulls me in, the moment I open it.
Every book-lover must have this kind of place in mind where one could curl oneself up with no worries and just a book for a companion. I’m lucky to say I have found the place for myself. It is here. The moment I open my blog, I’m in such a world where only my thoughts, all my lovable fictional characters and myself are present. It is more or less my riverside cottage.
Somewhere behind my mind for a long time, I wanted to write about reading and writing. But I kept pushing it behind everytime because, I am not an established writer, nor have I read many books. Tell me the names of all the ‘Must reads’ and you would know I haven’t read any. But today somehow, I was in a loss of topic and thought that I might as well try this. Probably, after a few years, this post could be a milestone for me to measure my progress.
Many of my friends have asked me, ‘How do you write like this?’. I admit that any person who has been reading since childhood could write better than me. At the same time, my friends’ question flatters me since I am only an ambitious human being who is flattered by praises. Within me, I never get the meaning of their question because I am never too satisfied with what I write. I lack many things and I am in search of them – mostly experience.
And, as for the answer, I write my thoughts. Thats it! I am honest with my pen (The keypad in this case). I realise that I am not the only one who go through ‘situations’ in life. Each one of us, at some point of time experience things that everyone experience. And when I write that down, people feel, ‘Yes! that is totally me!’ or ‘I have felt this way before.’ It’s just about writing what one feels. And I bet, anybody who have spent some time reading, could write.
While writing, I get stuck at times. Halfway through I feel I am writing utter rubbish and delete the entire thing. Right now, I feel that way. As though I am writing rubbish here. All the same, this is going to be published! (I said that to myself! :D) An emotion close to the feeling I am good for nothing suddenly grips me and I stop writing for a while. But thankfully, I never stopped entirely. At some point of time, I pulled myself up and made to my cottage. This morning, I had almost decided  ‘I may not blog ever again. The spirit is all drained out.’ But here I am, hacking my way through my clouded mind, trying to prove a point to myself.
I know many of my friends passionate about writing have felt the same. The previous paragraph is for them. Stop writing, but not forever! Come back! Start with something. It may turn out to be good. It may be hopeless. You never know. You may conjure up some lovely thoughts at the most unpredictable moment and you will end up writing a legendary piece. who knows!? Ultimately, we write to satiate our hunger to create. It is all about the joy of creating something. Isn’t it? So all my fellow bloggers, writers & thinkers, keep maintaining your riverside cottage. Keep visiting it. As for those thinking about starting new, just begin the work of creating your own riverside cottage or whatever you may call it. Wish you luck! 🙂

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  1. theclocktowersunset

    This is a wonderful post. Don’t stop, keep the cottage open. Write more!

      1. theclocktowersunset

        Doing well I’m pleased to say. 🙂

  2. SB

    Right from the heart eh 😉

  3. brunda bru

    There you go again!!excellent post..loved it:)

    1. Ranju

      Thanks darl. I wrote this after a huge gap. It was my re-entry into blogging. 🙂

      1. brunda bru

        And that was a blockbuster re-entry…:)all th ebest:)I always feel good when i read your posts:) carry on:)

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