Kids crying for no reason

I wanted to share this funny post with you all:
Click here: Kids crying for no reason
I came across this post about how kids cry for no reason. Some of the reasons are hilarious! 😀 I was laughing my head off when I remembered a similar instance I had witnessed once. All the Indians would have seen the 5 star ad featuring 2 crazy guys. They meet after a long while (apparently) and are all excited. I have embeded the ad below. I happened to visit a distant relative’s house once and there was this kid aged two or so. She was an adorable one, running around & singing songs. The TV was playing in the living room when this ad popped up. The kid’s mother came running, took the remote control, and frantically tried doing something, the kid started crying as though someone had just hit her hard. All of us were flabbergasted! Everything happened so suddenly. After a while, the kid’s mom said, ‘I have no idea why, but the moment she sees those men shouting, she starts crying. They scare her so much. That’s why I tried to switch off the TV. But by then, she had seen it.’ And we all burst out laughing! 😀 I couldn’t control myself when I pictured the kid crying everytime those men were on TV! 😀 [youtube]

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  1. balmtomysoul

    I could cry too… LOL!!

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