My beautiful mother's food :)

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Can you use words to describe a great picture? Using words alone, write a blog post that describes a mouth-watering, perfect meal and how you can make it more beautiful with Borosil glassware from The posts which inspire the most hunger wins prizes and goes on to round 2!
‘Children! Come eat your food!’. And we used to saunter to the dining table, look at the rice, sambar and vegetables kept on it and sulk. I despised veggies as a kid. Anything green, and I used to puke.
‘Children! Come eat your food!’. And we used to saunter to the dining table. The moment we saw the huge basin in front of our mom, our faces used to light up. ‘You are feeding us!!!’ and we used to run to our places.
She takes a huge basin with rice, pour ghee, sambhar, pappad and the vegetables. She mashes them well and gives steaming hot balls of rice in our hands. We gobble them up at double the speed than when we eat ourselves. Next, she takes some more rice, mixes curd and pickle and feed us that too. We end up eating double the quantity we normally eat. For the next half an hour, we are so full that, we can neither sit nor stand.
As we smack our lips and delve in that magical taste of the food she gives us, we always wonder how it gets so tasty. The very same sambar, when kept before us, we barely manage to eat it. But when she mixes it with our hands, it tastes like heaven! I have seen her prepare it. She adds nothing extra. It is the magic conjured up by ‘mothers’. The fairy dust that she has in her, in-built.
This is always our mouth-watering perfect meal. Nothing, I repeat, nothing can ever replace that. Even at the age of twenty-six, I run at the sight of my mother holding the basin and mashing the rice for us. When the smell of sambar wafts in, I imagine her conjuring up the magical potion and giving us. Some days, we get lucky. Some days, we don’t. 🙂
As to making the dishes more beautiful, who does not like beautiful glassware? Anytime, any place, I am turned on by pretty eye-warming glassware. At home, when there are different types of plates, I choose the most beautiful one. So do everybody. Cooking is not over with preparing the dishes. It extends to laying it down beautifully. Before the tongue tastes it, the eyes feast on it. And so, the utensils play an important role in cooking & serving. Who knows, fussy kids like me, might be turned on by seeing sambar in pretty-pretty glassware such as borosil’s. 😉
This post is based on Indiblogger’s My beatiful food.

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