Birthday of my personal diary :)

Gift… Check!
Cake… Check!
List of closest friends… Check!
Chits… Check!
My personal diary. Rather, more advanced. One who knows my next sentence. Reads my mind from my face. Interprets my sentences the way they have to be. One who knows everything about me. Who somehow knows how I feel at times. And has got the right words to console me. During those lowest and most depressing moments of my life, he simply says the right things. And all my happiest moments have his support. I, being a person in need of that initial push, always gets it from him. When I venture into something new, he is there by my side, cheering me on.
A friend who goes not just that extra mile. But who would go around the world thrice for his friends. Ask any of his friends and this would be the general opinion anyone would get about him. I haven’t mentioned him before in any of my posts. But through the years, like ASB, GT happened to become one of my best friends.
I had been thinking of it for quiet some time. And around 3 weeks back, I started contacting his closest friends and forming a plan for his big day. I wanted it to be special, memorable with just his closest ones around. After a lot of research, I finally formed a plan.
Today is his birthday. I made it sure that he was reminded every hour of how special he was. I wanted to keep him in the birthday mood all day. I wanted to compensate for all the birthdays I couldn’t celebrate with him.
In the evening, all of us had everything planned perfectly. He has a bunch of handpicked friends (including me :P) who, like him, are willing to go that extra mile. And so, all of us equally rocked the show. His mother was overwhelmed seeing all this.
When he came home with a friend – who was playing his part well – he was shocked to find some infrequent visitors there. We, the frequent visitors were hiding. Soon we showed ourselves and he stood there speechless. He cut the cake, we gave him the gift, had dinner, had payasam which his mother prepared and yet, he was speechless. It was evident from his face that it touched him. That was our intention.
Special friends don’t spring up at every corner, every day. They happen very rarely. Such small surprises let them know that they are special and valued. I may not be able to do similar favors for him. I may not be able to be there at any hour. But I can let him know through such tiny gestures how valuable his friendship is. For a forever friendship. 🙂

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