My phone – a magic wand.

‘Check under your bed’
‘It is not there! How many times have I told you not to clean my room?’ 
‘But, if it was on your bed, I put it inside your laptop bag. That is sure.’

We often had this frantic last minute running about and searching for stuff. My grandmom thinking of our welfare cleaned our rooms, we misplaced stuff and ran about searching for them. And when it happened to be our vehicle keys!? Since I have gotten used to ‘ringing’ my phone when I misplace it, my first instinct is to ‘ring’ my keys which ofcourse, isn’t possible. You can relate to the feeling right? 😀

Since I was little, I was fascinated by fairies, elves, magic, wands etc. And even now, I often talk in harry potter language to anyone and everyone. I don’t mind if they understand or not, but the thoughts simply amuse me. Speaking of which, I would never lose my keys if I had a magic wand. I wouldn’t need keys if I could apparate & disapparate. 

If my phone were given super powers, I would choose the same powers that most of the fiction lovers would choose – apparition, the ‘accio’ spell (Which when I say, whatever I want, flies to me), making things magically appear before me, get work done with a swish of a wand (or phone) etc.

                                              Snape is disapparating. He doesn’t have my phone 😉

In addition, I would have some premium features too like;

1. Home mapping: Like the Marauder’s map, but for my possessions. Once I log in, I will know where each of my stuff are placed. It is similar to the ctrl+F option. Only, I type in the name of what I need and the app points it out. Do you know when this helps the most? When I misplace my spare sim. It is too tiny, I neither can ring it, nor can I ring anybody up. 😀 

2. Friend-mood alarm: My phone must recognize my best friends, explore their mind and let me know when they are down. Frankly, not always people call their friends when they are down. I personally don’t. But I have wished I could spend more time with them and know their mood swings. If my phone could tell me that, what more do I need? I’ll be there to cheer them up whenever they need me. 😀

3. Thought convertor: I always think twice before saying anything. But there are those rare once or twice in a lifetime moments when I let slip what is in my mind, my thoughts aren’t converted into the right words, which are misinterpreted and it causes a lot of problems. .  

Another aspect to this is, my love for someone always fall in short of words. If my phone could sense the depth of my feelings and convert them into the right words, it would save me a lot of trouble and reciprocate a lot of love. How about that? 

4. Memory capture: I don’t have any videos of my childhood. Many of us don’t. But some of the memories are fresh in me. My phone must be able to pull out those memories and save them so that I could see them again. 
It isn’t about childhood alone. Sometimes, some moments at office or with friends, suddenly turn out to be too good. You may not have camera handy. Even if you do, you cannot keep a video of the entire session. Plus the bearer of the camera wouldn’t be a part of the video. 
How about it if you think ‘click’, a snap is made at the best time of the fun and when you think ‘video’, it gets recorded?

              Dumbledore saving his memories in a pensieve.

I see the threats of this super power. It should work only when you have the best interests at heart. Now the problem is solved. 😉

If I am to go on, you would really find the fiction addict in me. So, for now, these super powers are more than enough.

Now you know how my phone – if given superpowers – could see what others can’t see and do what others can’t do. This was based on the contest by ASUS and Indiblogger In search of the incredible #Incrediblezen 🙂

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  1. SB

    Ha ha… What thought process… interesting indeed.

  2. Ada Wiam

    interesting. I want the home mapping. It will be useful, won’t it! 🙂 🙂 lovely…

    1. Ranju

      Thank you. Will let you know if I come across any 😉

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