Childhood and Memories

Lessons from a child.

With weekend & Eid on consecutive days, I believe most of you had an extra day or two off. For me, those were like any other day. Except, the kid next door came to spend some time with me. 🙂
I love kids. Of course, not every kid. I mostly like the reserved yet mingling ones. I detest the too naughty or the too silent types. This particular kid – Aditya – used to come home almost everyday until a couple of years back. Somehow, the moment he saw me, he showed his happiness, did a ‘Haaaw!!’ and came to me. The same was my response. I just love him.
Then he got busy with his school and god knows what. So we meet rarely. Yesterday he saw me near the stairs and said he’d come home. After 10 minutes, there he was. I took him to my room and said we’ll watch some movie. I played ‘Problem child’.
‘Why is the movie named Problem Child?’
‘Watch & see.’
‘The child has some problem?’
‘No, the child is the problem.’
‘Why is the child a problem.’
‘You will see.’
After 10 minutes,
‘Why are they taking that baby to another house?’
‘Because he is naughty.’
After another 2 minutes,
‘Why do they keep abandoning that child?’
‘Did you see what he has been doing? He is so naughty. They couldn’t put up with him.’
‘So?’, he was pouting. His tone suggested that it wasn’t a solution.
‘Why are they doing that to the child? It is not right. Poor child. I don’t want to watch this.’
‘Once you watch it you will know it is funny.’
‘No, still they are abandoning the child. I don’t want to watch it.’
‘Alright. Watch this one then.’
I played ‘Cars’ for him. He wasn’t paying attention. Once the race began,
‘Caaaaars!!! That car will win the race. I have heard my classmate talking about this.’
‘So, haven’t you watched it?’
‘Great! Now you can watch it & tell your friends too.’
He sat barely 5 minutes,
‘I am bored. Let us watch something else. I don’t want movies. Show me something else.’
‘I don’t have anything else. How about Harry Potter?’
‘No. I have watched it with Dad.’
‘Noooo… I don’t like those blue creatures. I really can’t watch them.’
I gave up. I shut my laptop when he suggested,
‘Let us play Name-Place-Animal-Thing’
‘Ok. Wait, how about playing Bingo?’
‘How is that?’
I taught him the game. The kid is a fast learner. So we played a couple of Bingo games and then switched to his suggestion.


A game with the kid taught me many things.
First among them is that, we go in search of bigger and tougher answers to our questions while the easiest answer is right before you.
We got the letter ‘H’ & I was having a tough time finding a thing that starts with ‘H’. Can you believe it? Even I couldn’t. Finally, I wrote ‘Home theater’.while he wrote ‘Hat’! Any kid, would have written that. I wrote ‘Hat’ every time I played that game as a kid. I am in search of that ease and innocence that I lost.
Secondly, I didn’t know an animal (or bird) that started with the letter ‘Q’. He wrote Quail. Most of you might know that. I didn’t. He taught me. 🙂 We do have lots to learn from kids.
Our game :). You can see some amazing stuff that he has written.

He wrote India when he got ‘I’ and Bharat when he got a ‘B’.
One evening with a kid taught me so much. It made me think. Some day, when he grows up and sees this, I don’t know what his reaction will be. But I believe, this might make someone think. To look within oneself. To compare oneself with his innocent childhood. To spend some time with a child once in a while. 🙂