Letter 4: My Sister

My Rosta (Rockstar),
Where do I begin? Hmm… er… you weren’t picked up from the roadside. 😀 You know that I say so to annoy you. When I say I wish you were that little chubby baby, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like you the way you are now. It’s just that, you are taller than me which is an irony when I try to ‘cuddle’ my ‘baby’ sister. You know what I mean!? :/
I miss you. Though you are near me, your studies are killing me. I am craving for a sisters’ day out. I want to take you around Kochi, buy you the best delicacies, show you the best places, but either your studies or my studies come on the way.
I love it when we agree unanimously that an ad on TV is stupid & later when we make a spoof of it.

courtesy: www.frommyheart.org

I love it when we simply hum some songs, slowly sing it, gradually pick up the spirits & then scream on top of our voices as though we were giving a rock show.
I love the weird photos we click in weird poses. How we plan on clicking really crazy snaps. And how you click my odd pics & threaten to post it but never do so because you know I wouldn’t spare you 😉
No matter how old you are, you never stop being our little baby. The fuss, the tantrums & the fights on one side, at the end of the day, you come back for your share of hugs & kisses.
I like the look on your face when I call you cute names, you call me cute names, I go on & you are at a loss for names. And then you say, ‘Ohh, you always come up with so many cute names for me & I can’t’. Well, in fact I rack my brains for names so that finally I get to hear those lines from you. 🙂
I love it when you say, ‘Select a dress for me. I’m sure I’ll like it. :)’
The efforts you put to console me when I’m down, the jokes that you crack to make me smile, the way you take care of me when I’m sick, have I told you that I appreciate all that? Oh, I do.
Even after many years, I will love to choose the dress for you, give the matching accessories, dec you up, apply kajal & eyeliner, fuss over your bindi & send you for your party. I’ll always love to hug you & kiss you. I will say you were picked up from the side of the road. And if any person dares to touch you or tease you, they will be subjected to my wrath!
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PS: In any case, you can open my wardrobe only with my permission 😛
Bisista :*
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  1. kokilagupta

    Your sister seems one lucky girl .. Sweet letter Ranju 🙂 wish I had a sis like you too 🙂

    1. Ranju

      Oh thank you Kokila di (If you don’t mind me calling that). I think all siblings are similar. Some of them don’t express their feelings. And about having a sister like me, we can sure work that out. 😀

  2. Ritika

    Hahahaha.. I am the same with my sister. We only and ONLY fight over clothes. We live in different cities so whenever we we meet, we draw up our dress agreements -Who gets what in exchange of which clothes 😀

    1. Ranju

      Wow! That is a good idea. I think a dress assignment is in order here. 😀 You are a life saver Ritika. 🙂

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