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My Dream Decors Drenched In Ethnicity.

I drag myself up the stairs after a hectic day of early morning classes & a headload of work. I reach the front door and ring the bell. Once the door opens, the smell of agarbattis waft in & as I walk inside, my spirits are lifted. The smell is what brings the home mode on for me.  🙂
I have been to houses that strongly had fish odor. The occupants eat non-vegetarian food almost everyday. They don’t realise that the smell lingers, because they have been living with it for a long time. But we, as outsiders get the odor instantly. Personally, I wouldn’t stay there for long. No matter how homely the hosts try to make me feel.
On the other hand, imagine you enter any place & the fragrance of  strawberry, fresh flowers, medicinal herbs & spices waft in. It gives you the feeling of entering a herbal & floral garden. *Goosebumps*. It refreshes your mind & soul. It brings energy & a smile on your face. 🙂 I would love to give that experiences to my guests. The first thing I’d do to make them feel at home would be to place this Yellowdoor strawberry Potpourri in my living room. If my guests do the same & ask me to feel at home, I’d be too glad. 😀

The Strawberry Potpourri

That was just the beginning. When it comes to ethnicity, I am a fanatic. From clothes to decor, I just love a tinge of golden weaves and traditional strokes. When it comes to colors, I love the eye soothing combination. So why wouldn’t I splash pleasing colors on my walls, while sticking to my ethnic tastes? 🙂
I would paint the interiors using various colors that would complement each other while this would flaunt one side of the wall. Don’t worry. I’ll plan ahead and ensure that the wall colors go with this. In fact, this would perfectly suit a wall painted white. 🙂
Ah! The beauty 🙂

This Alkemi decor graphical murals would not only give a rich & traditional look to my home, but it would be a constant feast to my eyes & reminder to my mind about Lord Krishna. I don’t know what the intention of the artist was. But, one look at the flute makes me remember God for a second. In today’s world, sometimes such reminders are needed. Don’t you think? I definitely do. 🙂
Now, to complete my living room picture, here is the finishing touch. Why would I retain those old, worn off & faded cushion covers on my sofa? Ah… time to throw them away. My ethnic world that is already splashed in colors do not require anymore screaming colors. To go with my wallpaper beauties, I will need red, orange,yellow, blue or brown cushions. And sure enough, I found them – The little India fine emboidered cotton cushion covers.
Look at them! They look like the counterparts that were missing from my living room. Don’t they?
I am talking about the red, yellow & orange. I could definitely use the rest elsewhere. 🙂 But those 3 colors would just be perfect for my living room cushions. The ethnic embroidery has not been overdone. The best thing about them is the color simplicity. There aren’t too many colors on one cushion.
Now I’ll just put on those covers & place my cushions. I’ll take a few steps back, enjoy the scene and take in the smell. I’ll go out of my house and enter again just to know how it feels when someone suddenly enters the living room. Entrancing! 😀 I have made a miniature temple here. Did you like it? Ahh yes, I know the answer. Well, this is my style. Sheer Ethnicity! 😀
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