Time of Hope, Lamps of Love & Coins of Happiness

Shakti and Vedanth will be moving into their new home in a week’s time. The initial work is all over. The painting, the electric works, the bathroom essentials & sanitarywares, the curtain rods, all the necessary connections etc have all been made. She has chosen an ethnic look for her living room and is now focussing on the bedroom. She wants it to be perfect. She loves colors. She loves everything that creates a happy, romantic mood. But she isn’t sure whether Ved would approve of pinks and purples. Of course, she could understand that. Anyhow, she decides to give it a try.
The duo are sitting before the PC. Shakti came across the site Make my home. The site reflected her taste and she asked Ved to have a look at it. They had agreed on 3 things. The room required a couple of bedsheets, a clock & a lamp. As she scrolled down, she saw the Swayam Magical Linea Bedset. She had spent, everyday of the last week taking a peek at this beauty. She wanted this one badly, but wasn’t sure Ved would like the splash of colors. He preferred everything plain. She slowed the pace of scrolling until the bedset was away from their sight.
Once they reached the end of the page, Ved said, ‘Do you know what caught my eye first? A lamp. If you like it, we could fix that.’
At once she knew the lamp he was talking about. She loved it too. How could anyone not fall for that beauty? Her heart raced as he scrolled up. She had been waiting for this moment, when she’d pick her favorite decors for her room. He kept the cursor on the lamp and said, ‘Ain’t she a beauty?’
Her, smile faded a bit. Oh! that wasn’t the one I meant. She would show him what she liked and then, both of them could make a final deci-
‘Haha! Look at that fading smile. Silly! Do you really think I don’t know what you like? Besides, my choices aren’t that bad yaar. We’ll surely have this one.’ Saying so, he scrolled up and clicked on The Yellow Door Round Oil Burner. Her face broke into a huge goofy smile which made him laugh all the more.

The lovely burner

‘Well, you know, we could pour fragrant oil and light it so that the room would smell lovely.’
‘Don’t worry. I absolutely love it. Believe me. No second thoughts.’
They scrolled further up and…
‘Do you like this cl-‘ 
‘Hey! This one!?’
The two were pointing at the same Be Mine wall clock. There is no argument in this case. Which young couple wouldn’t want this time-telling-couple in their room?
Pink or black?

They smiled and clicked on to the link.
‘Which color?’
‘Black. What about you?’
‘I like the pink.’
‘But you like black too.’
‘Yes. But…’
The pink matches the wall now. But if we repaint with some other color, what if it doesn’t match?’
Hero! Are you lecturing me on color combos? Impressive! 
Ved gave a naughty smile.
And guess what!? You are right. Let us go for black.
Aaand that was fixed. All that remained was,
Now for the bedsheet
I guess we have ample number of bedsheets already. Do we need anymore?
(A bit upset) Guess not.
A week later…
The bedroom was ready, pretty and romantic. She had forgotten about the bedsets. She picked up the best among the sheets they had. A rich red and white combo. As she began spreading it, Ved came and said,
‘Shakthi, I really can’t get the living room’s curtains right. How can the pinks go on the blue paint & blues go with pink paint? Isn’t it the other way round?’
‘Ved, I’ll just finish this and come.’
‘Oh! I really don’t want anything to do with colors. I can spread the bedsheets. You go do the curtains.’
After sometime, Ved joined Shakthi and they did the final touch ups. They stood back and enjoyed the new look of their home. Sudenly, her phone rang. She went to check her phone which was in the bedroom. It was Ved. She picked the phone, looked at the screen, then at the door through which he walked in. ‘Er… What is th-‘ That is when she noticed the bed. The Swayam Magical Linea Bedset was spread atop the bed with all its grandeur. She looked at the bed open-mouthed, then at him, ‘What… How?’

The Magic Bedset

He looked at her amused, ‘Is that what you want to ask?’
She couldn’t frame the question. She didn’t know what to ask. He put an arm around her and said,
‘That day, you kept moving the cursor up and down. You slowed whenever you reached near the bedset. And finally, you asked about the bedset towards the end. On the page we were looking, this was the only bedset. I can’t read your mind, but I sure can read the signs.’
She hugged him.
‘What is that?’ She was pointing at something on the bedside table.
‘Go, see for yourself’
This is what she found on the table – A Piggy Bank and a note pad.
Rajasthan Handpainted Piggy Bank

‘What is this for?’
‘Are you happy?’
‘What sort of a question is that? Ofcourse!’
‘What happened to you?’
‘Answer me. Why are you happy?’
‘Hmm… Many reasons. But most importantly, we have a house of our dreams, you just surprised me by gifting my favourite bedset & because you are with me.’
He handed her 3 One Rupee coins. ‘Put these in it & write the reasons for your happiness on the notepad. We’ll count our happiness at the end of each year and read the reasons when we are blue.’
She put the coins inside and opened the notepad. Scribbled in it were three lines.
‘Because I have my love.’
‘For our new home’
‘For her smile, on seeing the new bedsets.’
‘Oh I love you Ved.’
‘Love you too.’ 
‘And you really don’t get why the blue curtains go on the pink side and vice-versa, do you?’
She heard him smile.


Let me confess something. I don’t know much about the different styles of interior designing. 😛 And so, I cannot differentiate between chic, retro, minimalistic, casual, eclectic, contemporary etc. The style I have chosen is ‘My Own’ – A combo of what I think is beautiful and elegant. And the reason why I chose that is, everyone likes everything beautiful. A house is made of cement & bricks. A home is made of people, family and bonding. Decor affects people’s moods. And I am positive that ‘My Own’ would only lift their spirits and make our house a home! 😉 😀
Though the above story was a figment of my imagination, THAT is how I would redo my room. 🙂

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