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By Team alphabet Soup


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He walked up the hill taking huge steps. He was chanting as usual. He climbed faster with the help of his stalk. He had been walking for the past hour.
Finally, he reached atop the hill and there sat a little girl. She was wearing a long skirt and blouse. Her long hair was tied loosely.
“You’re late!” she said calmly.
He smiled, “Really now? What are you doing here? You must be at the procession.”
“If you knew that why would you come here?”, she asked.
The two of them laughed.
“I can see that twinkle. The same old twinkle. Those dancing eyes…” he said looking into the child’s eyes.
“You are the only one who believes that the Devi dances in the temple.” She said simply.
“Because I have seen the dance. I wait for it.”
He began reciting in malayalam,
“She danced in wrath when her beloved friend and devotee was killed.
She danced in fury and punished the priest.
She danced with delight when her new friend arrived.
She danced with love seeing her devotees.”
She laughed, “And you make up your own versions of poems every other day. I like them.”
“Singing her glory is my food. Her darshan is the air I breathe. I stay up all night to listen to her anklets dancing in rhythm.” He said dreamily.
He looked at her with respect.
“And I wait every moment for my eyes to feast upon her beautiful form.”
She got up, “There is no other, who knows me as much as you do. Every devotee who prays before me in front of the Garbhagriha thinks that I am not there. They have given me a place – The secret chamber. They forget that I am omnipresent. But when you think of me, I feel it. You always know my presence within you. That is precisely why I chose you for this mission.”
“Why did you ask me not to reveal the truth about all the chambers?”
“Some facts have to be hidden. The shallow minded cannot fathom the depth of the temple, its architecture or its powers. The knowledge about the umpteen chambers, in wrong hands, would only lead to disaster. Let them believe that there are only eighteen. That is the best for them.”
He bowed low. She smiled and began to walk away.
“When can I see you again?”, he asked drinking in all the beauty and divinity.
“When it is time for your next mission.” she continued walking.
He stood there looking at the child, not daring to take his eyes off her. Long after she was gone, he
stood atop the hill holding his stalk.
He will know his next mission, when the diamonds dance…
***THE END***
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