Quinie & The Goolamp :)

“Have you been to the Enchanted Woods and the Faraway Tree? “, he asked me.
“Ooh! I have read about the Faraway Tree.” I began prattling animatedly. “Isn’t it wonderful atop the Faraway Tree? The land keeps changing – The land of goodies, the land of spells, the land of dreams. Do you like it? I have always searched for a tree like that.”, I finished longingly.
“Have you been to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?”, came his next question.
“Are you kidding me!? If I go into a coma, just say ‘Harry Potter’ and I’ll become conscious! But, leave alone Hogwarts, I haven’t even been to any of the Harry Potter sets.”, the thought almost made me sad.
“Have you met the Genie?”, he continued.
“Have I met the WHAT?”, I blinked.
“How can I meet – Hang on! Are you mocking me?”, I looked at him, my eyes narrowed, hands on my hips.
He looked surprised, “No, I am not! He comes out when you rub the lamp. Haven’t you seen him?”
“Well, No I haven’t! Apparently, you will be the one to introduce him to me.”, I said sarcastically.
“Sure! Why not?”, saying so, he materialised a lamp from thin air.
I was flabbergasted! “Wow! A Lamp! How did you do that?”
“You wouldn’t believe me. And by the way, this is Goo-lamp!” He said with a twisted smile. “Now, rub it.”
“Eh? Umm… Okay.”, The name sounded funny. But, all the same, I extended my hand. He didn’t give the lamp to me.
“You have to rub it with faith. When you rub any magic lamp, you must believe that the Genie will appear. He gets flattered by your faith.”, he said.
“Okay.” It was difficult at first. But then I thought why not give it a try? And I called upon the Genie faithfully.
This fellow popped up before me. In a squeaky voice, he said something that sounded like, “Quinie at your service!”


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I almost fell back seeing him spring before me. I stood there open-mouthed. A scream just lost its way before it reached my throat. I looked at my friend, then at genie and then back at my friend.
“He doesn’t look anything like Mr. Genie.”, finally I managed to squeak.
“That is because, he is Mr. Quinie!”
“What nee?”, my voice still high pitched.
The weird guy turned around, posed in an angular manner and said with what was supposed to be an attitude, “The Name’s Genie! Quikr Genie!”
My friend said, “In short, Quinie. He is son of Mr. Genie. He grants wishes. ”
“Ooh! Really?”, I asked, my eyes wide.
“Yes! But in a bit different manner. You must tell what you want and he will spot it for you, in no time. The best part is, he will find it in your locality.”
“Anything?”, I asked amused.
“Yep!”, Quinie squeaked with pride in his voice.
“Umm…”Alright! Hmm… here it is. My grandmother has been asking for a shelf. Can you give me the type she wants?”
“Tell me more about the shelf’s purpose.”, squeaked Quinie.
“Well, she wants to keep her tape recorder and her books in it. It shouldn’t be too tall or too short. It should be spacious. It should have doors. Hmm… yes, that is all.”
“So be it.”, Quinie swirled like Shaktiman as I looked with wonder. And in a jiffy, he appeared with this.

The Shelf I Found
The Shelf I Found

“How did he do that?”, I looked at my friend for some help.
“He is Quinie girl! He can do anything!”, my friend said with a wink while Quinie winked too.
“Please, please tell me how.”, I begged.

  • He first selected your area/region, ie; Kochi.
  • Then, he logged in.
  • On the homepage given below, he selected ‘Home & Lifestyle’.
  • Next, he clicked on Home – Office furniture and reached the products page. This is the linky to the category page of furnitures: http://kochi.quikr.com/Home-Office-Furniture/w830
Top left: Homepage Top right: Category choice Bottom: Product listings
Top left: Homepage
Top right: Category choice
Bottom: Product listings
  • On the product listings page, there were filters on the left side. He wanted new, unused items and so, clicked onto the option ‘New’.
  • There was an option to choose type of sellers – whether ‘individual’ or ‘dealers’. He chose ‘dealers’.
  • On top, he clicked on price so that he’ll get items in the ascending order of their price.
  • There were other options such as price range, how long ago the ads were posted, region that he preferred etc. He ticked the appropriate boxes, and found you what you wanted!” 😀

“That is hardly 1 km away from my house. There was a dealer so close to my house? I never knew that!”, I looked at the dealer’s location, shocked.
“That was super-quick!”, I said and hugged Quinie. He smiled proudly.
“Anything else?”, he asked.
“Yesss! since many years, I have wanted something very badly. But I’m not sure if you can find it Quinie.”, I said.
“Ask away my dear.”, came the reply.
“I want this long flowy Anarkali. It should be really long. It shouldn’t be very showy. I want it to be simple and cute and reasonably priced.”, I gave him the puppy eye look.
“This time, why don’t you try?”, he winked at me.
“Me!? I’m no genie!”
“That, you are not. Give me your laptop.”
I gave it to him. He sat next to me, searched for Quikr and turned the screen towards me.

  • I selected the place – Kochi.
  • Logged in without any hassles and reached the homepage.
  • I clicked on Home & Lifestyle, followed by Clothing – garments.
  • On the homepage, It took me to this category page.
    The linky being: http://kochi.quikr.com/Clothing-Garments/w822


Category of Clothing - garments
Category of Clothing – garments

  • From the left side, I opted for ‘New’ products, ‘Dealers’ and ‘Ethnic wear’.
  • From the top, I clicked on the ‘Price’ button so that the products are arranged in the ascending order of price.
  • I found quite a number of good anarkalis and clicked on the ‘Save this ad’ button. Yep! The button makes things really easy.

A little bit of searching & saving and…

The pretty green anarkali
The pretty green anarkali

“Yes! Yes! Yes! That is so beautiful!”, I screamed! 😀
I looked at him. Words failed me. I smiled, “Thanks Quinie.”
“Is there anything else you want?”, he asked.
“No. This is more than enough.”
“Now that you have found what you have wanted, it is time for me to go. With your permission?”, he looked at me.
I nodded and he vanished.
All I had to do was to contact the dealers and order the products. I visited the furniture shop and booked the shelf. I realised that it was one hell of a furniture shop. Thanks to Quikr Genie I found it! 😀
Next, I called up the garment dealer and ordered my Anarkali. I was shocked to find the Anarkali at my doorstep on the second day. Absolutely no hassles! I was very excited and ripped open the cover to unveil the beauty. 🙂
Want to have a look at the things that Quinie gifted me?
The Book Shelf

My Ammamma (grandmother) looked at the shelf and said, “It is so big and spacious!”. She was beaming so much that both her dimples were visible. 😀 Immediately, she took her tape recorder and placed it on top.
Can you see the tape recorder atop the shelf?
Price: Rs. 3900

The Anarkali
Look at the price! It includes shipping. Here, in Kochi, we wouldn’t get stitched anarkalis at this rate. If you’re counting on a ‘good’ tailor to stitch only the top, it costs around Rs. 600. Imagine stitching something like this plus the material cost! *Shudders* That is precisely why I had been craving for this since a looong time!
Isn’t this pwetty pwetty!? The bottom alone is un-stitched. The top needs a bit of altering and it’s good to go. All I need is a tiara and I’ll be the Princess! 😛
Isn't this pwetty pwetty :)
Rs. 1380 


Once I got my goodies, I met up with my old friend who had introduced me to Quinie.

“I’m sorry, I doubted you at first.”, I said sheepishly.

“It’s alright. Now you know that there are Magic Lamps.”, he said smiling.

“Yeah! So, will Quinie come again if I want to buy more things?”, I asked.

“Are you kidding me? You want a genie again?”

“Er… ya!”

“He just taught you the entire trick. You don’t need a genie anymore while you have Goolamp & Quikr in hand, idiot! :D”

“Oh! So you’re going to give me the Goolamp!?” I asked excited.

“Hahaha! You silly girl. What do you think Goolamp is?” I blinked.

He came close to me and whispered, “It is Google-lamp!”

“Indeed it is! Why didn’t I see that!?”

I hugged my friend who introduced this magic lamp in my life and said, “Thank you Blogadda!”  🙂

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