An Award And About Me In Detail

Finally I’m back after my exams. No more questions! 😛 So the first thing I thought I would do is to write the Liebster Award post. A couple of years back (eesh! Ya I’m very late), Maddy had nominated me for the same. Last month, Parul, Ajaz and Asmithaa nominated me for the same. I would like to thank you all. 😀
Let me make some things clear. Liebster award is passed on by co-bloggers as a sign of mutual encouragement. It is upto each one of us whether to accept it or not. I accepted it because it pleases & encourages me. 🙂

4 people have nominated me. Which means this blog post is going to be really really long. I warn you in advance.
I will write the 11 random facts about me in the next post. 🙂 Now I’ll answer the questions asked to me by all the four.
I. Maddy’s questions: This is what she said about my blog.
This blogger conjures up the most beautiful images and emotions.
Thank you Maddy! 🙂 Here are my answers.
1. Do you believe in reincarnation? – Yes I do. I believe life is a cycle. We are born, we live, die and are reborn again.
2. Who is your favorite author? – Of course! J K Rowling. I am crazy about Harry Potter.
3. What is your favourite reality TV show? – I rarely watch TV. For now, I am interested in watching D 4 Dance. A Dance reality show on the Malayalam channel ‘Mazhavil Manorama’.
4. Do you prefer lollies or chocolate? – Chocolates, chocolates and chocolates it is!!!
5. What book has changed you? – I think the book is ‘How To Win Friends And Influence People’. Or something similar to it. I’m not sure. But I learnt a few new things on interpersonal skills, applied them in daily life and yes, it changed my attitude and myself. 🙂
6. Cats or dogs? – Ahh… Dogs definitely. Reminds me about my Ammu. You can read about her HERE.
7. Would you go skinny dipping? – I would love to! Provided there is no one around. 😛
8. Is lying bad? – Depends upon the situation. As Lord Krishna said.
“Satyam Bruyat, Priyam Bruyat
Na Bruyat Satyam Apriyam.”
It means, speak the truth, speak what is pleasant. But never speak the truth which is unpleasant.
Again, this too depends upon the situation. Intention is what matters. 🙂
9. Do you wish to be famous? –  Yes and No. I am happy as long as I can do what makes me happy. Being famous is not a priority. I wouldn’t shun fame either.
10. Are you tidy or messy? – Conveniently messy and occasionally tidy. I clean up when I have the time. If I’m busy, I just let it stay messy.
II. Answering Parul: This is what she said about my blog.
A blog by Ranjini. I like her way of expression and it means a lot to be able to open up the way she does on her blog. 
Thanks Parul. Here is my answer for your question.
Q. Just tell me once story of your life that has made you who you are or has changed you in some way.
A. Well, this happened around 10 years back. I along with 10 others had joined a new girls only school. There were 11 new girls and 21 old girls (who were studying there from 1st standard.) At first they were very sweet to us. But due to the pressure from teachers and certain incidents that are too long to be narrated here, they began to boss over us.
All the new girls felt trampled but no one said a word. One day, they were bossing over us so badly that I lost my cool and fought back. Yeah! More like the fight for independence in the earlier days. No one backed me up. But the oldies were all a team. So it was 1 against 21! 😀 They all surrounded me and made it clear how they would make my life there a hell. And finally, I ended up apologizing (for having stood against the bullies). Needless to say, I have kept my distance with every single one of them ever since.
The point is, I learned a couple of things after that. where do I begin?
a. I try to put sense only in those people’s head who are sensible enough to understand what I say.
b. I observe the situation first before reacting. I weigh the pros and cons of my actions.
c. I keep my mouth shut if I’m against a majority. 😛
I still make mistakes. But the harm is very less compared to earlier days. That one incident makes me think.
III. Answering Asmithaa’s questions: This is what Asmithaa said about my blog.
Beautiful play of words to cherish your heart often.
Thank you Asmithaa. Here are my answers.
1. One thing, you live for? – My family.
2. Mention the most weird moment of your life – In my hostel, our group of 10-12 friends used to cram around 1 dining table and eat food. The dining table on the back right corner was ours. We all used to share 1 bottle of pickle no matter whose it was. One day, I took the food, went straight to our table. There were around 4 people seated there already. I saw a bottle of pickle on the table. That was the time when none of us had pickles. I was excited and shouted, “Yaaay! Pickle! who brought this?”. I scooped a spoon out from the bottle and looked at the others faces. And froze!
Only one friend was from our group. The rest were unknown people. I hadn’t seen their faces. Oh! And the pickle was theirs. 😛 They told me it’s OK and that I can take some pickle. Embarrassment was clearly written across my face. Sheepishly, I took some and sat down. Needless to say, all my friends had a lovely time laughing. 😀
3. You like the person who prepares what you love or the person who gets you what you love???.. and why? – I like both. Ultimately, they both are trying to make me happy. But I’d value it more if someone prepares something for me. Time is a valuable thing. In these busy times, keeping aside some time to prepare something for someone, shows how much you love that person. 🙂
4. Define relationship- Relationship is when 2 people can understand each other and be empathetic in spite of all the differences. Any 2 individuals. 🙂
5. Imagine one morning you wake up and found yourself looking like a person who annoys you a lot, tell me your reaction? – Seriously!? I never want to see the person who annoys me naked! :O
6. The most precious gift you ever got? – I said my hostel food sucks. My friend went out for lunch, I ate the sick hostel food. He came back with a chocolate and said, ‘This is for eating that sick food.’ 🙂
7. You like sunset or sunrise and why? – Sunset. Because I mostly see only sunset. 😛
8. Wanna live any childhood moment, if yes, can you please mention that moment here? – Yes, when we used to make cakes with mud.
IV. Answering Ajaz’s questions:

  1. Why did you start your blog? – I have been writing since my childhood. A friend insisted on starting a blog & so I did.
  2. Your favorite novel and author? –  The Harry Potter series by J K Rowling. Always! 🙂
  3. 3 things that you cannot imagine leaving without? – My family, friends and a diary.
  4. Do u keep a diary/journal & if so, why? – Yes. To jot down my thoughts and ideas. To make lists. To vent out my feelings whether sad or happy.
  5. What is ur purpose of life? – To become a good person and an author.
  6. What are ur hobbies? – Reading, singing, listening to music, writing, drawing etc
  7. What’s your favourite colour? –  Purple and black.
  8. What three positive words describe you or want to be known as? – A bubbly person, someone whose absence is felt, matured but a child at heart.
  9. Name one thing that hate about yourself and you want to change? – Over-thinking.
  10. The most precious gift you ever got? – I have answered this earlier.
  11. One piece of advice you’d like to give me – Follow your heart and search for happiness within yourself. 🙂

11 random facts about myself and the names of the nominees continued in my next post HERE 🙂