My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa

Many of us have an idea about how our dream homes should be. Earlier I had posted about the furnishings of my dream home. In this one, I’ll be writing about the interiors and exteriors focusing on the wall tiles, floor tiles etc.
It is when I visited that I got to know we have so many varieties of flooring and wall styles. I first began looking for the right flooring for my dream home. They have given 8 types of wall tiles. Each type has got a number of designs. After checking out all the options, I went for the ‘Ceramic wall tiles option’. I was astonished to know that they have around 30-40 designs of the same. And do you know which one caught my eye?

The eye catchy wall tiles.

This one. You liked it too right? I liked it because it is indeed a variety design and has got a really rich look.  The color would look rather dull on plain walls. But here, it looks really elegant. Besides, it goes with any kind of flooring and furnishings too.
I was happy and all excited to view what else they had in store. So I hurriedly looked for other products of theirs. The option for floor tiles was the next one I went for. Again, they had 10 types of floor tiles made of different materials. Though the option Urbatek was more catchy, I went for anti-slip. Safety first! If you have little children at home or aged people at home, it is always advisable to use anti-slip tiles.
Just because they say anti-slip, do not think that they have compromised on beauty. They have some really beautiful anti-slip tiles out there. I particularly loved the white ones next to the swimming pool. However, for the interiors and to match my chosen walls, I felt this would be more nice.
Yes! i like the brown ones.

You can read the description about each of their products below the image in their site. They say that the company uses Nanoker technology. This enables them to create a uniform texture rather than the rough texture of tiles normally available.
I like this one because, the anti slip properties are long lasting. The standards of safety can be retained for longer with little maintenance. Besides, the tiles are easy to clean they say. Ask your mom to chuck cleaning for a day and take rest. How awesome is that!? 🙂
Next, lets go to the kitchen. The white dining tables were drawing me towards them. Phew! Whites are like forbidden fruits. So tempting but gets easily dirty and requires so much of maintenance. So I somehow took control over my senses and tadaaa!

I like these because, they are cute and tiny seats. I’ll put one in the kitchen. When my mom is cooking, she can sit down once in a while. (Psst! I cook too. But I don’t have to sit down.) The other one will be of use in the living room. Little kids will be easily attracted to these. 🙂
Next is my favorite place – Bathroom! 😀
What!? 😮 Did that sound weird? Well, I get all my writing ideas when I’m in the bathroom. Hee! Secondly, look at the collection they have for bathrooms. It’s such a pleasure choosing bathroom necessities. The rain showers look so exciting! I love these because, I can just put on the music and dance in the rain! 😀
I’m a bathroom dancer! Tatatada! Zindagi mera gaana…. 😀

Next we go on to Bathroom accessories. In my bathroom, I have 2 tiny racks full of things. And so, I need a really huge rack for my dream home’s bathrooms. And so, here we go.

I’d prefer the huge rack because it is really spacious. All my bathroom utilities would easily fit in here.
And finally, the bathroom furniture!!!

Lovely! Isn’t it? They have many more products that would make you drool. As much as I want to, I can’t just put all of them up here. And so, here I end my rantings. I’ll make my dream house in near future and post the pictures here for sure. 😉 Hope you liked my house the way it looks in my dreams.
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