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Little Things and Unexpected Opportunities

“Look at the two of you! Yikes!!! Can you at least be a bit presentable?”, my aunt chided my brother, Vinay and my cousin, Rohit.
“This is the new fashion, Aunty!”, Vinay said. I was laughing away amused listening to the conversations. It was always like this. Whenever any of us got scolded, others sat watching the show happily! That day, it was my turn.
“These days, even if you walk out of the house naked, you’ll end up saying it is fashion.”
“Amma, we are not running naked. it’s No shave November. And we just decided not to shave for a while. That is it. Just relax!”, Rohit spoke up lazily.
“Who knows about the future? You’re capable of doing anything. Look at her. She wears an anklet on one leg and says it is fashion.”, she said pointing at me.
“When you’re scolding them, why pick on me? Do one thing at a time.” I sulked, got up and walked away as my brothers smirked at me.
They had taken up the No shave November challenge and as usual, they were sporting ridiculously bushy beard, with the tips of their mustache pointed upwards. I am not for or against them sporting a beard. But the elders had quite a lot to say on the topic. They kept pouring out their wisdom and my brothers kept letting the wisdom flow into a ear & out through the other. Yeah! Yeah! They are my brothers. 😉 😛
Rohit was full on into modelling in Bangalore. He had come down to Kochi for a project as well as for the annual trip to Sabarmila temple. His looks changed overnight, or sometimes on a weekly or monthly basis depending on his projects. And so, he had become immune to such comments.
“I love what I do. And no matter what they say, they can’t stop me from doing my work.”, he always said.
Vinay, was a Chartered Accountant. He had joined a mediocre audit firm. One of the partners of the firm had asked Varun why he wasn’t clean shaven. Varun informed him that he would be going to Sabarimala and requested him to be excused until the Vrath got over.
Vinay was the kind of person who almost always was well dressed. Now and then, he did get a bit carefree but when someone pointed out anything, he tried to make things perfect. But whenever Rohit joined him, Vinay just transformed from that good guy to… how do I put it? Himself? That is what I have felt. Vinay was like Rohit, but cared too much about what others had to say. His attitude wasn’t “Oh what would others say?”. It was “They are elders, they care for me and so I have to listen to them.”
I always told him that he was better off when he was himself. But some people cannot change so fast you see. It was one such instance that gave him the jackpot.
That day he was in a hurry. We were seated at the table for breakfast. He told about some new client that their firm might get and that he had some papers to prepare for the same. Knowing about CA firms, I got curious.
“If we could impress them, we might get their work.”, he said as he poured some chutney.
“Is that the Vietnam based company you were talking about?”
“Yes. Their turnover is close too 400 crores. If we get the client, they would be the biggest one.”
“Wow! Will you be going for the meeting?”
“I’m not sure! Mohan Sir asked me to join him. But on Friday, he said the same thing to John. So it might be him. Now let me run.”, he got up from the dining table and washed his hands.
He ran to his room, picked his bag and dashed out.
“Amma, I’m leaving!”
The moment he was out of the door it hit me. I ran after him and as I reached the door, he came running back,
“I forgot my keys!” and WHAM! Aaaargh!
“Why on earth are you running?”, he asked.
“Your beard. Go shave!”
“I’m going to the temple next week. I can’t.”
“Vinay, what if you’re going to the meeting?”
“I’m not. And even if I am, it wouldn’t make a difference. Mohan Sir will do all the talking.”
Listen to me. Since sir has asked you to be prepared, do that. If you don’t go, it is alright. But what if you have to? You must be presentable. You can’t risk anything. For them, you are not Vinay – the pilgrim. You are your firm. They will rate your firm through your looks.”
Those words did the job. He looked at me unsure, looked at the watch and then, rushed inside, shaved, since his shirt got wet, changed it and left.
***2 Hours later***
“Little sis, you are awesome! And I am scared. I need more advice.”
My phone rang and I had answered it. Vinay was all excited and paranoid. Apparently, Mohan Sir had another unavoidable engagement. They decided to send John. But due to his unkempt looks, unshaven face and improper dressing, the partners were hesitant to send them. Vinay not only had to go, but also had to present their part in the meeting. I encouraged him and asked him to do his best. Needless to say, my Big B nailed it! 😀
Not only that, for all the important meetings henceforth, they sent him. Not only did he bring jackpots to the firm but soon he also became a partner there. His well groomed look ensured that he struck gold on an opportunity given to him. And of course! The presence of a thoughtful and sweet sister like me 🙂
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