Why Telling the Truth is Easier.

Truth cannot be veiled. It has this weird habit of peeking out the veil often.

I wrote down the questions as she was dictating them. I had forgotten my note book at home and was scared to tell my teacher since she will scold me. As I wrote down the Sanskrit questions on a piece of paper, I deliberated on whether to tell her or not. I decided not to.
I did not submit my test paper. But in 2 days’, things had begun to get nasty. I told my teacher that I had submitted my book and more lies to cover the previous one. I wrote all the answers in my test paper book once I reached home. I did not copy. I was honest with my answers.
Finally, my mom and my teacher began questioning me. I cried and told them the truth. I said I did all that because I was scared she would scold me for not bringing my test paper book. My mom believed me. But not my teacher.
I was only in my third standard then, I was naive and scared of being shouted at. Even now, I am very scared of people who shout at me. But that episode opened my eyes. I don’t remember telling lies after that. At least not big, repetitive and growing lies. 😛
Gradually I realized that I am a bad liar. When a situation arises, I simply cannot make up lies. I try, but finally decide to stick to the truth. And I am happy for that. Because, soon I realized that it was much much easier to say the truth. If the person considers you to be important, they will understand why did what you did and forgive you. Just like the commercial below.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvGOTeJsZb8&w=645&h=363]
Telling lies has many complications. If you tell a lie to someone who has trusted you, learning the truth would break them. I always tell my mom the truth. The fact that she doesn’t draw many lines and restrict me unlike other parents makes me remain truthful to her. I can go for movies, come home late, go on tours, go out with friends, have sleepovers as long as I let her know my whereabouts. A very simple unspoken condition between us. I am happy for that. 🙂
If you’re a person with super high guilty conscience, you’d just rot from within due to guilt. I’m like that.
I forget what I have said easily. So if I say that I’m going to a shop and go for a movie, a week later, I’ll be like, “Amma, guess what? That day when I went for the movie…” Oopsy! I do that all the time. 😛
More lies to cover up lies and then I forget all the lies. 😀 No surprise here!
The details – I need to prepare in advance about every single detail about the lie I am going to say. That is a lot of brain work. And I hate that.
To sum up, I have always found it a lot more easier to say the truth and face the brunt of it rather than stay for days together and let the truth claw at me from within. For, Pinocchio’s nose is real. The nose is the lie that grows. Tell a lie, and it grows until the truth becomes noticeable. 🙂
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  1. Baba

    I gave up lying to mom cos inevitable somehow the truth always showed up. That’s one defeat i hav just surrendered to.

    1. Ranju

      Haha Mom’s are fairies. They have wands. 😛

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