Pimples Are Beauty Conscious

I browsed through the various soap categories in the Super market. It has been long since I have tried a new soap. And I was yearning for a change of smell & texture. I picked up Yardley. I turned it around several times to see if it was of Grade 1, looked at all the varieties available and picked the red.


Soon enough, I was yearning to open that Red soap. Once I felt that the current soap was small enough, I prised open my new soap and as always, smelled it.

I lathered the soap between my palms, feeling the texture and taking in the smell. I applied the lather on my cheeks and then in a round motion pampered my face, all the while enjoying its fragrance.

***** A couple of days later *****

I stood close to the mirror and with much concentration, drew an outline on my eyelid using my eyeliner.
Perfect. Now to fill in…
I inched closer to the mirror and began the filling in process.

I felt a searing pain on the cheek area close to my nose. I looked at the source of pain and to my surprise found a tiny pimple forming.
It didn’t take much time for half a dozen pimples to sprout here and there. I spent half the day looking into the mirror and mourning about my once clear face.
“When you know that your skin is sensitive, why try varieties of soaps?”, my mom said as she saw me sulking before the mirror. I didn’t say anything. The problem with pimples is that, they are beauty conscious. They spend half their lives before the mirror. 😛 Earlier, I had this pimple problem. Not many. But definitely a noticeable number and ended up finding a soap that suits my skin. I was so relieved that I used the same brand for a very long time & got rid of all the pimples. In a moment of glory, I had gotten tempted to change my soap and finally ended up inviting them back.
Needless to say, I stopped using my new soap and reverted to using my old soap. Apparently, I had only one chance and I had lost it. 😛 Unlike the first time, pimple sprouts did not stop entirely. Every now and then, one popped up and since it was only one, it was like a spotlight. Too visible! Some people find it amusing to point and say, “Ooh! You have a pimple coming up.”, and I bite down a retort similar to I would never have known if you hadn’t enlightened me. :/
The problems were back. Searing pains of pimples, their ugly color changes – skin to pink to red to white to brown to black to a mark that says,  “Hey! I was that pimple, remember me!?”
It was amidst all this I went to a friend’s place to stay with her for a couple of days. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to take my soap and so used her Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash. I waited with baited breath for the entire day for a marathon pimple pop up. But there was none. I used it again and I was thankful that it did not affect my skin adversely. (I must say that I have noticed earlier that I am not allergic to certain soaps & facewash. Very few.)

Image courtesy: http://www.nopimplesnomarks.com/

On the third day however I noticed that the pimple growth had not only died, but those that already were was beginning to fade. I was impressed. Once again, I was given a chance to get rid of pimples completely.
To sum it up;

  • I wouldn’t say that you will never get pimples after using the face wash. But the frequency will be considerably low.
  • I loved the refreshing fragrance.
  • It is affordable.
  • In the packing they say it fights bacteria, removes impurities and removes oil. I can’t vouch for the first 2 since I can’t see bacteria or impurities 😛 But yeah, it does remove oil.
  • The highlight is the Tea Tree Oil. I’m always attracted to face wash and shampoos having Tea Tree Oil. Call me superstitious, but I believe they are essential.

I doodled in paint & finally came up with this. I have made it realistic. As in, the faint shadows of the mark do remain. *Giggles*

I have stopped experimenting with soaps & face wash and I stick with friends of my skin. So, at present I spend hours before the mirror only to apply my kajal, eye-liner and TAME my hair.  😀
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