Day 1 – Favorite Stand Alone Book

I have been intending to start this one for quite some time. I just hope that I don’t stop this one like I did with the letter challenge. Taking inspiration from Sucheta’s lovely blog, here I begin my 30 Days Book Challenge. You probably won’t find this list online since it is a mixture of multiple lists.

30 Days Book Challenge – Day 1 – Favorite Stand Alone Book

Courtesy: Goodreads

Acts of Faith by Erich Segal

This book, I read many years back and though I don’t remember things in detail, I absolutely enjoyed it. I learnt a lot about the Jewish culture. Erich Segal has portrayed the struggle while choosing between religion and forbidden love, beautifully.
I particularly remember the climax, a conversation I read and reread multiple times. I read it to my friends, because it was so beautiful. But I realised that one cannot understand its beauty unless you go through the entire book. They all gave me the straight face. 😛
People say, Love Story was Erich Segal’s best book. I can never agree. I have read both and Doctors. But nothing beats this one. And so far, no other book has managed to the top of my Stand Alone list after Acts of Faith. 🙂
What would be your favorite Stand Alone Book? I would love to read more.

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  1. teny

    Interesting; you have left me with a strong desire to read this book 🙂
    I would still want that conversation before reading 😀

    1. Ranju

      Oh Please do read. Whenever I recommended this, people loved it. And No, I wouldn’t encourage reading that conversation since it sort of ruins the suspense. I read it only to those friends of mine who’ll never read it. 😛

  2. Fayaz Pasha

    Seems to be an interesting book. Will have to read it.

    1. Ranju

      Yes, it is. But, I’d suggest you not to expect much. The conversation I mentioned about isn’t any suspense. It is a tiny, overwhelming piece. A simple yet beautiful one. Begin without expectations and you will love it. 🙂

  3. Ravish Mani

    I’ve heard about it a lot. Now, guess, time has come to read it. 🙂

    1. Ranju

      I believe books choose us. They come to us when it is the right time. So, the book will definitely reach you when it is the time. 🙂

  4. kokilagupta

    Hey Ranju, I too agree with you on one count, that Love Story is not THAT good as its hyped … and have to read this one .. definitely 🙂

    1. Ranju

      Cheers Kokila! Absolutely. While reading, due to the hype, I kept waiting, expecting for the legendary part of Love Story until I completed it and realised that it wasn’t coming. 😛
      Please do read and let me know if you liked it.

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