Day 4 – Most Emotional Death

30 Days Book Challenge – Day 4 – Most Emotional Death

Spoiler alert!!! If you haven’t read Harry Potter or The Fault in Our Stars, and intend to read them, please skip this post since you lose the whole point of reading them once you’re done with my post.
It is humanly impossible for me to stick to one emotional death. So here goes plenty…

1. The Fault in our Stars – Augustus waters (Gus)

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Because it was unexpected.

2. Harry Potter – Sirius Black

Until the very end of the book, I thought he will come back. :'(


After I read this part, I clenched my stomach for a long while and sat silently. But, THIS was what was happening inside me.


3. Harry Potter – Albus Dumbledore

He said, ‘Severus, please.’ We didn’t know what it meant until the last book.

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Dumbledore was blasted into the air. Then, he fell slowly backwards, like a giant ragdoll over the battlements and OUT OF SIGHT.

(And I wept…)
4. Harry Potter – Dobby

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And  he tried… again… and…

5. Harry Potter – Fred Weasley

Fanfics is what made Fred’s death so dramatic.

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That is about it. 🙂

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  1. rumadak

    Ohhhh.. almost brought tears to my eyes !!
    Sirius and Dobby wouldn’t have died if I was the author !!!

    1. Ranju

      I feel that way too. But somehow, these tragedies make the book closer to my heart. I feel as though I lost someone close to me. 🙂

      1. rumadak

        Yes, you are right in a way! These incidents make us love the characters and the story more! It wudn’t be same without them 🙂

  2. teny

    The first one goes to the top of my list too – thought many people at PVR-Lulu half-cried too 😀

    1. Ranju

      I haven’t watched the movie yet. I think people who did not cry after reading it would be very less,

      1. teny

        Saw a meme on that, and wondered about the same – only to be proven at the multiplex 😀

  3. Aadhirai

    I would add Hedwig and Snape too to the list.. Hedwig, for losing a dear companion and Snape, for such a marvelous love he had for Lily, though, I am not sure I would want him to live any longer..

    1. Rangelz

      Yes. Hedwig’s was sad too. But, somehow, I am not so worried about Snape. His love for Lily was marvelous indeed. But, in spite of what he did for Harry, he was a part bully himself (the way he behaved to students, spcly Neville and also to Harry).
      Besides, on another angle, as you said, his life without Lily was a pain for him.

      1. Aadhirai

        The death of Snape was emotional.. But the emotion was not downright ‘Sad’.. 😉

        1. Rangelz

          Haha yes that was put well 😀

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