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Day 5 – Book that Got Me Into Reading

30 Day Books Challenge -Day 5 – Book that Got Me Into Reading

I really don’t remember the first book I read. I was only a child when my dad took me to the library. I remember reading Heidi, Noddy and such books. I remember getting involved in Book of Brownies, Book of Pixies, Famous Five, Secret Seven etc.
But I clearly remember falling absolutely in love with Enid Blyton’s books after I read the Faraway Series. The series comprises of four books:
The Enchanted Wood
The Magic Faraway Tree
The Folk of the Faraway Tree
Up the Faraway Tree

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It is basically about three children whose family happen to move close to the Enchanted Woods. They discover something eerie about the woods, the trees, a particular tree and their adventure begins. The tree is so tall that it touches a cloud where the lands keep changing.
The book takes us through various lands in the clouds, the weird creatures in those lands, the kids’ adventures etc. I instantly fell in love with them. And I began to search for more fantasy books. I never stopped after this. The Faraway Tree series made me realize that we could easily lose ourselves, go on adventures and live many lives through books.
The book that got me into glued me to reading was definitely The Enchanted Wood. 🙂