Litterbugs Are Taken Care of by PK

Today 22/01/2015

There were complains and news flooding about wastes being thrown into residential compounds.  This did not happen everywhere, but in select places. This kept happening for about a couple of days. Random houses and compounds were picked and loads of wastes were dumped there. They tried tracking the people responsible for the same. But in vain.

Finally, one morning, a truck was seen running the streets, littering places and was caught. And whom do you think drove it? Our own famous PK, the alien! Ah… Now you are not surprised are you? We cannot expect anything normal from the great PK. So, he had his reasons.


A week ago…

PK joined basket ball team. He learned how to pocket the ball. The game was fun until…

He was walking down the street and saw a man eating something. He didn’t give any importance to the latter until he saw him crumpling the wrapper in his hand, making a ball out of it, aiming it at the waste bin, throwing and missing it. PK was astonished when he noticed that the man wasn’t upset that he couldn’t ‘pocket the ball’. Instead, he swiftly walked away leaving the ball of paper on the ground.

Just above the area where the dust bin was kept, was a hoarding, ‘Swachh Bharat. PM Modi’s clean city movement.’


He walked past a vacant land where some ritual was taking place. There was a priest, his assistants and half a dozen other people. He was told that Bhoomi Pooja was taking place. They were worshipping the Goddess of Earth for prosperity. And occasionally, some of them attending the Pooja was spitting on the ground. Was that the part of the Pooja or were they taking the Pooja seriously?


He found mothers taking little children to the side of the road and letting them urinate. They fondly said, ‘He is watering the plants’ or ‘He is washing the stones.’ After sometime, he saw men taking a leak on the side of the road. PK looked wide eyed at all this. He was processing them all.


Just opposite the road was a lady holding a broom and sweeping the streets. He did not understand why this was happening. There were some people throwing things on the ground and making it dirty while others cleaned the place. He walked over to her,

“What are you doing?”, he asked innocently.

“Can’t you see? Are you blind? ”

“But why are you cleaning the street?”, he quizzed.

“Because, this is my bread. I get paid.”

He looked around and saw a man throwing papers on the street. He pointed at him and asked, “Does he pay you?”

The lady was getting more and more uncomfortable with his weird questions. But since he was insisting on an answer, she told him that the Government pays him and then he left.

The PM Modi has placed a hoarding on the street about keeping the city clean. And people litter the streets. Instead, if they are given money, they listen.


People playing basket ball were dejected when they couldn’t pocket the ball. But when it came to the litter, they did not bother. People fondly spoke about urinating on the streets and some others simply spat on the ground.

A worker was cleaning the street because she was paid. Now the realisation dawned on him. He had a plan.


Today 22/01/2015

This was how he tracked all the people who littered the streets and filled their homes and workplaces with litter. Humans here wanted rewards for everything. The reward for refraining from littering the streets was a clean environment. This was the message.

And the message was sent loud and clear! Needless to say our Government got the cue and certain ‘rewards’ were proclaimed for refraining from littering or urinating or spitting. It went thus: 😉 If you are found urinating or spitting in public places, you will be caught and your home will be filled with human/animal waste.

If you through waste on the street, you will receive the same in your home.

Any other kind of littering will be handled accordingly.

Needless to say, PK headed the team. We have no idea for how long. Because, you know how he vanishes all of a sudden. 😉

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