Will You?

Mia came running to Anwesha breathless and excited. She was talking animatedly and Anwesha had to cool her down to make out what she was saying,

“Ok Ok! He is gonna propose to you this V-Day!!! Yaaay!!!”. For a second, Anwesha lost it. It took around half an hour for her to realize what was about to happen. And then, she decided to bring a twist in the tale. No! She never made things easy for anyone. That was her reputation. And so, amidst M’s cackling and animated descriptions, A shot at her.

“I’ll propose first!” M stopped talking halfway through and,


“Well, it wouldn’t be much extravagant. But, I’d like to surprise him first. Now he must be busy planning about how he would propose. This would be the time he would be least expecting my proposal.”

“And how would that be?”, she asked.


3 years back, one fine day, one lovely moment, cupid loaded his arrow with love, aimed at you and shot it. Little did I know that the arrow was loaded with Love in my name. Until 3 months later, you whispered to me in class,
“There is something I want to tell you.”
“What?”, I whispered back.
“I’ll ring you up. Tonight.”
Though you told me that you loved me, you never asked for a reply. You somehow knew that I did not have one. And you simply waited. Ask me when I fell for you, I don’t have a specific day. The fact that you did not press for an answer made me wonder what you were made of. And maybe that was when I began thinking about you.
During those days when the canteen food really sucked and I grumbled, you simply vanished and came back with my favorite bar of chocolate. I wondered how you thought of that, but I could never put my feelings into words.
Oh! Have I told you that I have saved that refill you bought me when my pen stopped writing? In normal circumstance, I would have borrowed pens from friends for at least a week until I remembered I had to buy one for myself. But, that day, you left for lunch and was back clutching some refills and a chocolate. How could you remember things like that?
When I felt very low, you would call me and ask me what is wrong. When my happiness graph dips, you just sense it. Whether we text or talk. And you leave me astounded at the end of our conversations for 2 things. One; How do you sense that I am down? Two;Your voice has healing powers and inevitably, every time I feel much better after talking to you. 
I could think of a hundred different experiences in the past few years and you were there. In my happiness and sorrows and in all the in betweens and beyonds! And the fights. I feel so comfortable fighting with you. Specially when I know that the consoling sessions would soon come. 😉 
I bow to your patience when you agree to read my blog posts. I know you’re not so fond of reading. I know that half my topics bore you. Yet, you agree to my requests and read them. When I am doubtful whether you have read, you just pop a question or a comment regarding the topic. And it is just too evident that you have read it.
So now, imagine I am kneeling before you with a Harry Potter book in my hand and asking, “I need more chocolates when my food sucks, I want to hear more of your voice when I am down, I want those fights that end with lots of love and I want to bug you more to read my posts. Will you marry me & my blog?” 🙂
Umm… You have to place your hand on the book. It is called an unbreakable vow. You might also want to consider putting up with my Harry Potter rants. 😉


The post was ready. On the day Ved had decided to propose, she published the post on her blog, shared it on Facebook and tagged him. He called her up immediately and was searching for words when she said,
“Now open the door and let me in, I have to see your expression.”

He opened the main door and there she stood, smiling at him with a Harry Potter book in hand. And then, she kneeled…

“I couldn’t have found a more ridiculous girl ever in my life”, he said laughing and placed his hand on the book.

“Of course! I will marry you.” 🙂

 This post is a part of the Cupid Games 2015 by Indiblogger. Linking this post to  http://cupidgames.closeup.in/.

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  1. shrutigopinath

    Was it just your imagination??

    1. Ranju

      To be honest, no. I was struggling with this topic for hours together. 😀
      I did get chocolates & refills from friends. Different people. I just compiled them all, added a bit of imagination and cooked this. 😛

      1. shrutigopinath

        🙂 I thought it actually happened!

  2. ANooP

    Well portrayed. It’s more than your imagination, I guess.

    1. Ranju

      Thanks Anoop. Yes. I had a tough time writing for this topic and so had to twist some facts. 😛

  3. teny

    I like this part a lot 😀 “I want to bug you more to read my posts. Will you marry me & my blog?” 😛
    Does this Anwesha got something to do with “anweshippin kandethum” of love? 😛

    1. Ranju

      Haha thanks.
      I don’t know how this name got into my head. But I must admit that it is a bit queer.
      It is left to your interpretation 😛

      1. teny

        Okay, as you say 😀 😛

  4. Ravish Mani

    How sweet! Loved the beautiful moments especially when he proposed and didn’t ask for reply and poping of a question or a comment regarding the topic 🙂

    1. Ranju

      Thanks Ravish. Sometimes, little things are much more precious than costly gifts. They’d be so precious that they will find a place in our hearts forever! 🙂

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