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“Can you call up the guy in Fuji & ask him to edit these snaps with so & so specifications?” and my sister gave me a list of edits to be done.
Phone conversations I tell you, get me panicking. Not that I’ll be eaten up or anything. But I am sure to screw up things. I need time to think, ponder over which is a good option. I cannot take spontaneous decisions.
The case was the same when earlier I had to buy a furniture. I searched Quikr, found some good furniture and then the calls began. The main problem with it was, I kept getting calls from various sellers asking me whether I wanted furniture. Somehow, the case was soon closed. There were a hundred instances when I wished I could either converse to sellers through email or texts. And my prayers have come true. ­čÖé

Our lovely Quikr has introduced QuikrNXT with the never before chat & photo sharing facilities! ­čśÇ Now let me make it clear why I would prefer texting to telephonic conversations.

  1. Time For Decision Making –┬áMany a times, sellers could be manipulative. While talking, they could simply get you to say ‘Yes’ to a particular product at a particular price. I am not aware of the price of things and so I wouldn’t know if I am paying more or less. However, if it is a text message, we can take our time, do some research, consult others and then strike the deal.
    Similarly, over the phone call, we might forget to ask certain details. If you are like me, there would be half a dozen calls happening. Sometimes it takes a while for me to realize that I forgot to enquire about something very important. By then, I would have said Yes to the seller and the product would be in transit. However, if it is over a chat, I know that I have more time. I could agree to the buy once I ensure that I’m fully satisfied.
    So, chats give me more time to do my research and the decision making.
  2. Photo Sharing and Saving Chat History – Over a telephonic conversation, I┬ácannot see the product. If it is possible to visit the place and buy the product, it is well and good. But when I am┬átoo far to verify it personally before buying, photo sharing really helps.
    Not only this, if I┬áhave had a talk over the phone, there is no record of the conversation. The seller can deny anything that he once verbally promised. But with QuikrNXT, once I┬áget the product, if it is not as described, my┬áchat history could come to my┬árescue. If there are any discrepancies, the chat history┬áis a valid proof that I was┬ápromised one thing and given something else. ­čÖé
  3. Number Privacy –┬áYes, you read that right. Umm… Yeah I┬ácan chat on QuikrNXT and share images with privacy of my┬ánumber. ­čśÇ That is the most exciting news for me. If you were refraining from┬áposting an ad or responding to an ad due to the fear of your number being available at an open platform, shun those worries. Now things have become more smart, easy and safe on Quikr.

There are a number of times I wish I could simply text and inform things to people. Beginning with applying for a leave at office to talking to telecom customer care. I’d prefer texting at any time. So, when Quikr came up with this venture, I am only too glad. For all those having verbal conversation problems like me, finally someone has heard our prayers. Let us hope this spreads ­čśë
This post is written for Happyhours campaign, held by Indiblogger in association with QuikrNXT

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