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Day 23 – Most Overrated Book

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 23- Most Overrated Book

Fifty Shades of Grey

I knew what I was laying my hands on when I picked up the book. But I really wasn’t expecting this:

  • A story about a girl (Ana) who couldn’t hold herself together after setting her eyes on a hot guy (Grey). I mean, she either tripped or went all gaga wanting to kiss him.
  • And should I say about Grey, I would just give him one name, A Demigod. I mean he was pictured to be perfect. Frankly, I loved the description about him. But what I couldn’t digest was, he could do just about anything. Bug the girl’s phone even without touching it (Really!?), be at the right place to rescue her when she was all drunk, and why not!? He had lots of money and a driver/security who just about did anything for him (Which includes buying lingerie for his newly met girlfriend).
  • The weirdest part, he could chain her, spank her and do all the supposedly ‘normal’ things but he couldn’t handle a cuddle. *Kill me already*
  • Oh! How do I forget? Nor should she bite her lips. What I never understood was, Ana was never hungry. But she chewed her lips all the time. Specially when he asked her not to.
    Throughout I imagined a girl who kept gnawing at her own lips. eew!

I just read the 1st book and that was it. I struggled to even write this much about the book. Because, everything about the book sucked!