Day 26 – A Random Pick

30 Days Book Challenge – Day 26 – A Random Pick 

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho
There was a time when I was into Paulo Coelho’s books. I can’t read his books consecutively. I need a thriller or a fantasy after each of his books because, I cannot handle an overdose of philosophy. 😉
It was one such time that I got hold of this one.
There is a reason why my random pick is this.


Maria is like any other girl. She grows up with lots and lots of dreams.
As she goes in search of her destiny, things don’t turn out as planned and she ends up being a prostitute.
The latter part of the book talks about her journey as a prostitute and finally how she finds her true love. I was very happy the way the book ended.
But most importantly, every time people passed lewd comments about prostitutes, I took a stand. I understood that they were once women like me. They aspired to be doctors, engineers, housewives or accountants like each one of us. They were once daddy’s princesses. They dreamt of their knight in shining armour. And one day, when things went wrong, they believed that it will all turn right and moved on with their lives.
I have wondered what would have happened if they just decided to do some other job. They would be looked down upon. Lustful eyes would follow them. And the entire world would keep reminding them that they were once prostitutes. Then why should they stop doing what they do?
Just like you and me, they are working and earning for their family. For their children’s bright future. I know people who are educated, unemployed and simply laze around at home. Prostitution is not the worst thing. Being unemployed is.The former feeds many mouth. Ending prostitution leaves a lot of people hungry.
Besides, why are the prostitutes alone blamed? They aren’t the only ones involved. If at all, the long nosed Indians want to stick their heads in others’ business, the ones approaching the prostitites are to be blamed. I mean, there is a supply when there is a demand.
If you’re going to blame only the prostitutes, the topic ends here. They did not choose their profession. They were once little girls with lovely dreams. As they grew up, that little girl and her lovely dreams were forgotten.
For this revelation, I’d always remember this book, ‘Eleven minutes’. It made me think a lot. 🙂

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  1. Ranju

    Same here. The book initially did not sound like Coelho. But as usual the word plays came up and it kept me hooked. 🙂

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