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The Guiding Light in my Family

What do you understand by growing into a better and more self-reliant person? I believe it is about:

  • Understanding our capabilities,
  • The shortcomings that pull us away from our capabilities and,
  • Finding out methods to overcome those shortcomings.

When we have the right guidance, when there is a hand holding and guiding us, it becomes much easier. For instance, as a little child, I was always shy and timid, but had many talents. If not for the right guidance, I would still be at my home, scared to venture into anything and be dissatisfied with my life. It all had to begin with removing that timidness and instilling the confidence within me.
My first inspiration is always my Mother. She is independent, smart, brave and knows almost about everything. We used to live in the interiors of the town and Amma was the first lady to ride a scooter there. Everyone knew her, if not by her name, by the caption, ‘the lady with the scooter’.
She knew my talents. She knew that I had a flair in music, in drawing, art and craft, in writing etc. From I was a child, she used to take me for all those tuitions and extra activities, wait until my classes got over and took me back home. But after a point of time, she knew that it was time for the baby bird to fly on her own. She was so independent that she wanted me to be so too. That is how she asked me to go on my own for my tuition, music lessons, drawing classes, sometimes to school when I missed the bus. At a very early age, unlike my other classmates, I felt comfortable travelling by bus. I was proud of myself.
This was followed by her teaching me how to ride the scooter. She didn’t have to try much, for I was a fast learner. Years after that, when I joined the article-ship firm, I was the first female in my office to come by scooter, stay late during the peak seasons for work and go for out audits in my scooter. Soon, others followed pursuit and the shed had an equal number of bikes & scooters.
Some of the guys in my office asked me,
“It must be difficult for you right? You don’t have a brother. So, you will have to go for buying the groceries and paying the bills. At home, I am the one who takes care of running around. I give no trouble to my sisters.”
But that wasn’t how I thought of it. There was one time when I went to purchase a month’s supply for home. I had about 5-6 bags which I couldn’t bring on my own in my scooter. I left my scooter in the supermarket, flagged an auto, went home, left the bags there, came back in the same auto, picked my scooter and got back home. I felt proud.
Sometimes, when I saw some of my colleagues, I was glad I wasn’t them. One of them had to go to a place barely 4Kms away for work purpose. Since her dad dropped her off and picked her up always, she had no idea how to go. It did not end there. She wasn’t willing to try going on her own, she wasn’t willing to listen to any directions, created so much of a raucous that the entire office knew about it. I won’t blame her. I would have been the same had I been in her place.
Had I been in a conservative environment, or if my mother wasn’t my mother, I’d not have been who I am now. She sensed my talents, helped them grow and after a point, she taught me how to nurture them and let me find my path. 🙂
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