Blue and Black or Yellow and White?

I do not know which one is big – The fact that there was an explosion and a ball of fire in the sky in Cochin or the buzz about the multi-colored dress on the internet!? Since that is all I know about the former, let us talk about the latter.

In case you still haven’t come across this, what color is this dress?

When my sister, D initially showed this image, I said, “Obviously, yellow and white!”
My best friend, A was home and she said, “Right? That is how even I see it!”
“Noooo! It’s blue and black!”, my sister said. That was the first shock I got. Soon we began discussing about what exact shades we see, to make things clear like ‘The curtain blue’ or ‘table yellow’.
A said, “They say it has got something to do with people’s moods. I’ll forward that message I got with the image.” She sent me this.
There was another explanation that talked about retina, rods and cons. Myself, not being a science buff decided to pass that one. 😛 Anyhow, I wasn’t convinced that it was mood related. But whatever we said, the other person couldn’t accept. I shared the image in various groups, got multitude of responses, and then we settled watch some sitcoms.
While watching, I decided to take a look at my phone and lo and behold!
“I can see blue and black, I can see blue and black!!! See! It is blue and black now!”, I screamed and showed it to A. She should be able to see it now. It had changed colors.
“D, do you remember the blue and black tee we bought from Max? That is the shade, right?”
My sister was excited, “Yes! Yes! The very same.” I could see the relief on her face because at home, almost all saw it as white and yellow.
A stared at it for a while and, “I still see yellow and white.”
Now, I was utterly confused. I saw it in white & yellow initially with A, now I see it in blue & black. So shouldn’t she see it too?
“Was it because I watched ‘Friends’ and then saw the image? Maybe, it has got something to do with the mood after all.”
Before I could think of anything more, I heard a whining sound from just next to me, “Eeeeeee… I have some deep, dark sorrow within meeeee… “
A had found out why she couldn’t see blue and black.“That’s why I can’t see blue and black. Something is bothering from the depths of my heart…. I’m mentally depressed… eeeeee”
“No! No! Even I saw yellow and white at first remember? But maybe since I enjoy watching friends, I saw different colors now.”
“exactly! I didn’t see blue and black yet.”
“But you did not enjoy this. You never wanted to watch it in the first place.”
“eeeeee… there is something wrong with me. I am mentally depressed.”
“Alright! Lets watch the season four. That’s funnier.”
“You sure!?”
“yeah!”, she said uncertainly.
“Let’s do that.”, someone had to be certain.
Once we were about to sleep, I decided to give the dress another look. And it was yellow all over again. I kept looking at it and it changed colors. From then on, I could see any pair of those colors as and when I wanted. 😮 Even now, that is how I see it. And nobody I know can see it that way. Now, I was baffled. People see it either as blue & black or as yellow & white and I see both.  It’s like I’m the gay one here! 😮
So, I decided to crack the mystery and here is what convinced me.
This is what I understood. The dress is basically blue and black altered by the light that has fallen upon it. The daylight changes color. When an image of the dress was taken, the superimposed day light gave it an orange-ish yellow color where the black should have been. The proportion of base colors Red, Green and Blue that makes up the final color is such that, some people perceive it to be yellow, while others discount the daylight and perceive it to be the original black. That depends on how we are wired, our rods and cons, about which I don’t know much.
So, for those who haven’t understood it yet, in layman’s terms, the image would have been blue and black if not for the daylight. The daylight has given it another appearance which some people can perceive while some cannot. And some like me, can see it either ways. I’m not gay, I’m just flexible that way. 😉
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PS – I am not a science buff. So if the layman’s explanation I gave is wrong, feel free to correct me. 🙂

So, what color do you see? Do let me know in the comments 😀

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  1. teny

    I tried navarasangal while looking, watched a movie, listened to song, had tea, read a book, jumped up and down, sat with the kitten, walked around the garden, imagined that I was going to die, thought about life in paradise and still I see this as only one combination – black and blue :O
    Btw, did any of your friends or relatives see the huge ball of fire on the sky? Is it even partially real?

  2. Ravish Mani

    Interesting! Let me reveal you a secret that I could see both color combinations easily by adjusting my laptop’s flap 😀
    “From then on, I could see any pair of those colors as and when I wanted.” Forget about all science & logic; just ponder over this thought that you have absolute control and how you could use it in other spheres of life 🙂

    1. Ranju

      Oh yes I tried that too. Initially when we got the image, we tried viewing it from another angle. Still, we saw what we saw.
      But I noticed that mostly, the ones who saw yellow were mostly the ones who later saw it as blue. While the blue seers couldnt see the yellow.
      Exactly Ravish. I actually thought of it that way too. And that does help in a lot of situations. 🙂

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