My New Theme – Your Thoughts.

One fine day, you walked into my blog and it looked like I had cleaned it all up. Right? What were your thoughts?
*Looks around*
“Where am I”
“Oooh! What just happened here?”
“Hmm… Nice header. 
*scrolls down*
Bo-o-o-o-ringgg! I’m outta here!”
“Peaceful place. Looks a lot more clean and tidy.”
“Oops! Wrong blog! Was looking for Ranju’s blog. 
In my case, I got bored of the earlier theme. Hence, I took this up. I haven’t used a clutter-free theme before. So, I thought I would give it a try. Plus, I liked the header a lot. But, once I activated this theme, I was wondering whether to go back to the theme with the visible side widget. One, it looks so plain and boring. Two, new users may not want to take the effort to access the widgets from the top right icon. Three, I am simply torn between having a visible side widget and not having it. So, I decided to go for audience poll. 😛


I am not all that good in blog designs and ‘what should come where’ stuff. I am sure you all know better. So I thought I would ask you all. What do you feel when you see the current theme? Not just regarding the looks, but whether it would benefit my blog from every aspect.
Besides, I wanted to use this Poll feature badly. 😛 So, you know!? Vote away lovely peeeepils!!! 😀
[polldaddy poll=8707398]
Thank you for voting. If there is anything I need to change or do, please let me know.
Lots of Love
Rangelz 🙂