These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Some time back, I came across Anoop’s blog where he mentioned that a day without updating the blog is like a year without the rain. I could resonate with his thoughts and so, I decided to go for this meme. I came across it on Preeti Shenoy‘s blog a couple of weeks back and was saving it (The title too) for the future. Alas! The future is here. 😉

As per the meme, I am to list my favorite things with respect to the prompts. Also, I have made a few additions to the list.

  1. Place – Anywhere with my loved ones.
  2. Person – Grandmother
  3. Color – Purple and Black.

  4. Food – Pizza and some home made specialties.
  5. Drink – Mostly Coffee, sometimes Coke.
  6. Smell – The smell of rain, books, new clothes and home.

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  7. Book – Harry Potter
  8. Movie – The Notebook
  9. Sitcom – How I Met Your Mother

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  10. Music artist – A R Rahman
  11. Hangout – Coffee Always (Cafe nearby)
  12. Thing to do when bored – Watch Sitcoms/Movies
  13. Genre of literature – Fantasy
  14. Magazine – I don’t follow them much. So comic book, Tinkle. 😛
  15. Texture – Flowy chiffon
  16. Festival – Christmas
  17. Time of day – Evenings
  18. Day of the week – Friday
  19. Thing to learn about – People and languages.
  20. Thing about yourself – Empathy
  21. Lifehack (a time saving, efficiency technique for life) – Sleep (Yes, it saves a lot of time, trust me!)

If you like this activity, you may list your favorite meme too. Do leave a link or comment so that I could read about your favorites too. 🙂

Here is one last scene that is my favorite from HIMYM. Enjoy! 😀

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25 thoughts on “These are a Few of My Favorite Things

  1. It was nice knowing about your favorites. We are spot on about purple and black, A R Rehman, Harry Potter 🙂 But not HIMYM. I used to like it but they ruined the ending for me 😦 But the previous episodes, I enjoyed them.


    1. Woah! Those 3 contribute to about 90% of my favorites.
      Oh yeah. They did spoil the ending. But the experience was awesome. 🙂
      Nothing could give me that kind of excitement 🙂


  2. Hi Ranju… M glad to land on this post, as most of your and my favs. are alike esp. festival, sitcom and hangout. Last scene is hilarious 🙂 Really good to know about you here. Stay happy!


    1. Hey Tara! Thats awesome! 😀 Ok let me make this clear. By hangout, do you mean the same cafe or just another cafe near your house? I ask this assuming you are in Kochi. 🙂
      Do come again 🙂


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