Choices Make The Difference

I am always awed by how an inanimate object could mean so much to us. We get so tensed and restless when our phone stops working or begins to malfunction. We immediately run with the sick guy to the hospital, take an appointment and ensure that he is restored to his normal condition. 😛 When my young fellow gets a stroke and gets hung, I do all kinds of first aid and yoga with him. I do. I open the phone, take out the battery and sim, leave him like that for a while assuming he is just resting. Then put him back together, tap twice behind, tap twice in the front, tap the corners against the wall and switch him on. Lo and behold! He opens his eyes.
This is the kind of Love and care I give my phone. It is high time I buy a new one and I am waiting for the right sign. Oh yes! I buy phones when I get the sign. Don’t look like that. I am perfectly normal. Well, the sign isn’t difficult to spot. My phone just goes into a comma or drops dead. That is the sign that I need to move on. 😛
Meanwhile, my sister’s phone dies every 10 minutes. It dies on her when she walks a bit fast, works fast, keeps the phone down, in fact any movement and the phone goes off.
At this point of time, if you give me a Moto E and ask me what I would #ChooseToStart with it, I initially have the predictable answer – learning to handle my new phone, checking the image and audio quality, the performance, processor speed… Well! You know!? But, on second thoughts, I realized that isn’t what I would choose to start with. This time, it would be different.
This time, it is about a series of firsts that won’t be forgotten for long. I would start with its Bluetooth. J
I would sneak my sister’s phone, and send her ringtone to the new Moto E via Bluetooth. I would also send an image that I have in my mind to her phone through the same mode. I would be sending it from my phone. At this time, I will ensure that the phones have been paired to avoid hurdles in future. I have always experienced Bluetooth pairing problems in my new devices when I urgently wanted something transferred. This would fix that.
The next first would be setting the transferred song as the new phone’s ringtone. That entails the first ringtone in the new phone. 🙂
You do think I am crazy and babbling away right? Well, some of you are on track already. I know that. 😉
A new phone is incomplete without the contacts and I would feed my own contact details into the phone. I would set the image I transferred as my contact icon.
Now comes the tricky part. I have to be very careful about this. Well, not so careful I guess. When she is off to school, her phone would be at home. I would take her sim and put it in the new phone and leave it near her bed, where she normally keeps it.
When she is back, I would move away from home stating some reason and call her up. The first call, of course! Since the ringtone is same as that of her old phone, she would run to ‘her’ phone. I know she will be flabbergasted. On a closer look, she would see the contact icon that says:
Rosta is what I call her. 🙂 She knows that her sister is a drama queen and so she would understand the crazy set up. 😉
The moment she picks the call, I would cut it because, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. 😀 Immediately, I will send her a text that says:
You might want to check the gallery for any videos.
She would do as told and there would be only one video. Obviously, the first video. The one I did not mention here. A video that says how the phone is my gift to her. How I have always bought her fashionable dresses and how I wanted to buy her many more things. That this would be the first big gift that I would be giving her. And that I love her a lot. J
If you retrace the events unfolding in my narrative, you could find out what I #ChooseToStart with Moto E. Well, it was definitely not the Bluetooth. The video? Literally, that would be the one. I would initially record the video using the new phone. That is the important ingredient in this recipe. But still, figuratively, what I choose to start with is different.
I choose to start with gifting it to her, giving her a smile. Using a series of features in the phone for the first time, I choose to save a part of this gifting process through the video. Years later, when we go down the memory lane, we would never forget the first thing I did when I got this phone. The answer would be – Record a video AND gift the phone to my her. 🙂
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  1. Vivek

    I could imagine the smile on her face…but I kept waiting for that line in the post!

    1. Ranju

      Well, since this is a hypothetical situation, I didn’t want to spoil it for myself by imagining how she would feel. But, that smile will be there and will certainly be priceless 🙂
      On an entirely different note, I went through your blog the other day Vivek. I read a couple of them, but couldn’t read others due to lack of time. Nice flow of thoughts 🙂

      1. Vivek

        Thanks Ranju!
        Take your time And do read others…

  2. RAMAN

    Ranju Ranju; lots of love to your writing.. It was so creative and spontaneous. Yes, this much of creativity is needed to keep the relations alive

  3. kokilagupta

    Nice flow of emotions here … lucky Rosta 🙂 All the best with the dramatic surprise 🙂

    1. Ranju

      Thank you 🙂 She hasn’t read this one 😛 If she does, she will pester me demanding for the surprise.

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